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agoraphobia/panic disorder

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  • Posted By: goddess1
  • May 17, 2007
  • 01:00 AM


This is one of the few times I have sought out help for my panic disorders...I have had them since i was 12...I am now 31...They come and go..but recently over the pass year I have notice that I began avoiding certain places....restauraunts..meetings with clients..social gatherings..I know I will not beable to have the life I want for myself and my daughter if this continues...I do not want to take medicine,,,but it would be great to feel normal again and truley begin to enjoy life with out these things.....

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  • I have been dealing with anxiety and depression all my life. I am also not a big fan of medication though sometimes a Xanex would give a break when I was at my worst. The thing that helped me the most was when I ran accross a book in the library when I was doing research on my condition. the book was from Panic to Power by Lucinda Bassett. The more I read of this book the more I was convinced she knew what I was going through. I then found that she had developed a self help program that dealt with stress and anxiety. Although I was skeptical, I was also desperate for help, so I ordered it. I am here to tell you that after seeing shrinks and taking the meds this was the best choice I made and her program really works and is easy to use. Since starting her program I have met her and been a guest with her when she did the Montel Williams show in 2000. This is not an advertisement and I do NOT work for her, nor and I affiliated with her or this program in anyway. The simple truth is that it saved my life and if you truely want to take control of your condition this program is truely the answer.
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  • I know exactly how you feel. I have been suffering with severe anxiety for about 10 years now. It has finally gotten to the point where I have begun seeking help. I suggest that you find a good psychiatrist (not one who just passes out prescriptions like they are candy), and have them evaluate the severity of your anxiety. From there, you and your psychiatrist can figure out the best course of treatment, which is generally medication and therapy. Thnerapy is a very important part of overcoming the anxiety. It would help you to figure out what has caused to to have this anxiety and bring you a step closer to overcoming it. Therapy will also provide you will the tools that you need to keep your calm and to basically reintroduce yourself to society without going into a panic attack. Example: I refused to go into larger stores alone. Anything bigger than a gas station, I had to have someone right next to me. My therapist formulated a plan to help me overcome my anxiety. It was a series of steps that brought me closer to being able to actually shop alone. First sit in the parking lot, then just going inside (but not going all the way into the store or buying anything), then buying one item, and eventually do a full shopping list. I have to tell you, it wasn't easy. It took me a couple months to finally be able to shop alone. The point is, a therapist can help you to figure out a plan to get you to feel more comfortable in situations that make you panic.As for medication.... I personally don't like medications. However, I have Xanex that I take only on a AS NEEDED basis. It is highly addictive and really should not be taken unless you feel you truly need it. Generally antidepressants are prescribed to help with anxiety. I can't honestly tell you how well antidepressants work for such anxiety for I am Bipolar and don't react well with antidepressants. However, ther have been numerous reports of the positive effects that antidepressants have had on the lives of people who suffer. Also, keep in mind that different medications affect people differently, and it could take some trial-and-error before you find the one that suits your needs.I can't stress enough how much better life is after overcoming the anxiety. I'm still struggling with it, but things have gotten a lot better. See a psychiatrist, find an excellent therapist that you are comfortable with, and truly put in the effort to get better. Life can be too good to let anxiety hold you back.I hope that I have helped some.God bless.
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  • I've suffered agoraphobia most of my life too. I've see many shrinks and been on many meds but the one thing that finally helped me was a psychologist who told me to talk everything in baby steps. First get out the door. Then reward yourself for that. Then drive down the street. Again, reward yourself for accomplishing that. Then drive into a parking lot and just sit there, relaxing knowing that nothing bad is going to happen to you and taking notes of any worries or fears that pop into your mind so you can uncover the reason behind the panic. Go home and relax. Once you've become comfortable with this, have a friend sit in the back seat while you drive to the store and walk to the door and go in to look around. Then return to your car. Soon you'll be able to do this on your own. Then the test comes when you go in to purchase items, conduct business, or the hardest thing - sit alone in a restaurant and eat (which you do while reading a newspaper or book). All awhile - breathe. Long slow breaths.Good luck to you. By the way Remember, fear does not own you, you own the fear. :)
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  • Something simple you can do is cut out the caffeine and alcohol, both of which have been demonstrated to potientiate panic attacks. And I agree that a desensitization treatment with a therapist is definitely indicated.
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  • Hi Goddess1, I too would recommend Lucinda Bassett's book/CD's. You can get them at the local library. I've found them very helpful myself. Many, many people suffer from the same symptoms. You are not alone. This can be overcome. You can do it!
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  • Hypnosis. You can also buy "Rescue Remedy-Bach flowers" at a health food store. There are some nice homeopathic remedies for panic that you will be able to find on your own, too.
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  • wow, that is something I can totally relate to. I used to have panic attacks several times a day, for no apparent reason. I was changing the oil in my car when I felt the ole familiar feeling running down my body, like I was getting ready to seize or something. My doc finally prescribed klonipin for me, and it really helped. I bought a book on the subject, and slowly trained my mind to make them go away. A paper bag helped too.One of the remedies called for in the book was when you felt it coming on, is to "bear down" just like your giving birth, and somehow, it goes away. It did work. Plus, part of my panic attack was related to the panic that I would have one and embarrass myself in front of everyone, so what was suggested was to have the "give me your best shot" attitude. So when I would feel one coming on, I got the "attitude" like, lets see how tough you are, and I would prepare mentally to ride a bronco. They became less and less, until they were gone. I occasionally get that feeling like one is coming on, but I continue to take the attitude, and so far, so good.my mom had agoraphopia, didn't leave her apt for over 20 years, she wouldnt see anyone about it, but there has to be someone out there that has been through it and won, and willing to share with you.I hope things get better for you, you deserve better.
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