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Age 46 with Chronic Neck Osteophytes/Osteoarthritis and Immune Issues

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • January 4, 2011
  • 11:07 PM

:confused: First, I'd like to Thank you for reading my post. I have a multitude of medical problems, a lot of which are synonymous with many different conditions. Just a brief background; Female, Age 46, White, Mother (age 68) deceased of ovarian cancer which was diagnosed at stage 4 and died 5 months later with cancer that spread to neck and skull, Father (age 68) Alzheimer's. I have been diagnosed with and treated for the following conditions; Depression, Anxiety, Sleep Irregularities, Hypothyroid, Menopause (surgical), High Blood Pressure, Gastritis, Mitral Valve Regurgitation, Vitamin D Deficient/malabsorption, Osteoathritis, Chronic Neck Osteophytes (bone spurs). Surgeries; Thyroidectomy of rt. Thyroid and partial Parathyroid, Full Hysterectomy (mass in ovary), C-Section, Tonsillectomy, Rt. Wrist Multiple Fracture

My immune system seems to be failing, my back (all of) and neck aches, wrists ache, swelling in hands, feet, wrists and ankles, numbness in feet and hands, allover weakness, occasional painful nerve like pains and spasms in left arm and right leg so far, Pins and Needles sensation mostly through torso and around to back area, reoccurring mononucleosis symptoms incl. swollen glands, TMJ (jaw dislocation) pain, tenderness on toe ends, dry skin, hair loss. My regular physician referred me to a Rheumatologist/Immunologist that performed many blood tests, x-rays, MRI, sleep study and have yet to see the Neurologist. He stated 1st that x-rays showed a fracture in spine (lumbar) and severe osteophytes in neck that he has not heard of in someone as young as myself and did not know what was causing them, several of which have broken away. Later, after MRI he noted that they was no fracture in spine as first thought, but spurs are bad. He ruled out Lupus, RA, and blood tests did not indicate immune problems but did indicate Vit D deficient. I told the Dr. that although I've been treated for Vit D deficiency now for about 2 yrs with a prescription D 50,000 units/once a week, I've continued to test deficient. He will be prescribing some new product for that for people with malabsorbtion issues. Otherwise....he's done with me basically. I am disappointed in not getting a diagnosis with this Dr. I was assured by my practitioner that if anyone could get to the bottom of my issues it would be this Dr. The Dr. has not even had me gown up and done a thorough exam and feel like I was just passed off. I'm really frustrated and would appreciate anything that anyone has to offer as a direction to go at this point. Truthfully I just want to give up at this point, I feel like the Dr's aren't taking me serious and think I'm a waste of time because blood tests don't indicate an easy answer and they are too busy or don't know the answers.:(

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