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After months and near death a answer!!Please read!

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • March 28, 2007
  • 01:15 PM

Okay My names Shannon and Im going to tell you my story for all of you going to tons of doctors and not feeling any better.YOU know your body you have to be the persistant one if that means 20 er visits do it.I did and it finally worked.
First off I was a young mother 24 yo with 3 kids when I started feeling kinda shaky at first and my heart was racing all the time,so I go to my doctors well they said it was anxiety gave me some Paxil sent me home.Few days later Pazil isnt working and I have a strange burning in the top part of my chest go to the er they said it was a pulled muscle.This time came home with muscle relaxers.A week later no better infact Im so week I cant put my own baby in her bed.Go back to the er this time they say Bronchitis,Im sent home with antibiotics and some lorecets for pain.
Now I must tell you by now my family thinks Im nuts all except my mom.But when I layed down at night I would cry because my heart paplitations were getting worse and I figured I wouldnt wake up.
Okay I went in to my dentist to get examined before a root canal the next week but since I was being put to sleep he had to do oxygen saturation and heartrate..All looked good although my heartrate was a bit high but normally is.So I told my self this is in my head I took the kids out to dinner shopping and all day a migraine was getting so unbearable.When I got home I was very sick I ran and threw up but what I saw made me more frightned then Id ever been .It was all blood I had just thrown up!I called my husband he took me to a different er(even though further away I wasnt going back to the ones that hand out pills)Walked in the er they took me straight back ,Told the doctor my whole story he looked at me and said you have PE's (pulmonary embolisms,blood clots in the lungs)Well I had no clue what this meant I though a prescription and I could go home.After they did a CT with contrast (A VERY IMPORTANT TEST TO PICK UP THIS DISEASE)He came in an explained that one of these could kill a person and that Id been walking around with 30 in my lungs.He said at any moment I could have died.Well a week in the hospital,lots of Heprin,9 months of comadin.Im clot free.But the lasting effects are still there My last pregnancy I had to give myself shots daily of Lovenox(blood thinner) just as a precaution.I am on many pills for panic attacks.Because the littlest thing will set me off into thinking I have blood clots again.If my legs swell a little.Or just this week I went through three doctors they all checked for clots this time and came back saying no clots heres some valium .Come to find out it was Broncitis:P BTW my disease was caused by the combination of birth control(ortho evra patch) and smoking.I urge any girls to please stop smoking if you take a birth control with alot of hormone in it.Its playing russian roulette.
And again for all of you that are just saying please just listen to me I know Im not crazy!! I belive you and you keep going till they belive you I seen many doctors and had many tests all the tests they normally use to detect what I had came out good ,some people are just a-typical.Make them use every test known to man if need be.I cryed the minuite the doctor told me I had clots not because I was scared but because I was relived to finally have an answer...
Your all in my thoughts and prayers<333

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