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advise requested - 5 year old son's intestinal difficulties

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  • Posted By: cmabry
  • March 29, 2008
  • 09:45 AM

My son has had let's say intestinal differences since he was 2.5 yo.
Mainly the problem has been constipation. but it has evolved into cramping throughout the day, and loose stools. their will be "lumps" in his belly (fecal matter) that don't move much for a long time. He has cramps through out the day, and loose stools. He will have a solid stool a few times in a few months. It is sometimes very large. This is rarer and rarer though. Doctor's say it's nerves, because the cramping and constant loose but sparse elimination continues into the night at times. His condition seems much less serious than it has been in the past. I've been giving him fiber and exercise seems to help. He rarely has a normal b.m. but pain seems less troublesome lately, or he might just have become more embarressed about it. He still has to wear training pants because of constant loose stools. Mentally he's fine, but I don't think he will be able to go to school next year, and he's almost 6. We can't get a good stool sample from him because elimination is too sparse.
ANy help is appreciated, especially experienced...


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  • have you tried pear juice and eliminating cheese/dairy?
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  • No, we haven't tried that. Thank you.
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  • Listen I had almost identical conditions to what your son has been having for 7 years. Doctors told me I had a "nervous stomach". It's true I was a shy kid, but I didnt' think it was right that I could rarely have a solid bowel movement. So after 7 years and after I moved away from my parents I finally went to a nateuropath. He gave me these things: Probiotics - This helped the cramping to be minimized and also helped replinish good intestenal flora, Slippery Elm - This helped with inflamation and also seemed to help me be more regular, and he also told me to go a very strict vegetarian diet. Also I had to cut out dairy because i was extremely intolerant of milk. The reason he had me do this is because my body was suffering from bad bacteria making its home in my intestines where it didn't belong. In order to kill it off, he said it was necessary to do this strict diet. Please consider these options with a natural doctor, I really think they could help!If you have any questions feel free to email me JoshDW19@gmail.com
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  • Thank you for your input. This is so helpful. I will try slippery elm, and will be much more diligent with the probiotic. We are having some success with a gluten free diet. (gluten intolerant) He's only been on it a couple of weeks, but I notice subtle yet undeniable changes in his health. Thank you so much again for your input!C
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  • request test for gluten intolerance try probiotics try simple digestive enzymes
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  • He has an appointment to get checked, but the soonest we could get was July :(, I might take him to a regular gastroenterology specialist before the July appointment for the pediatric one. Thanks - I'll look into enzymes as well. Thank you
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  • Any doctor can request the test so you should not have to wait to take your son to a specialist. If he is not Gluten intolerant you may want to try removing all sources of soy, dairy, corn, nuts, citrus, potatoes, one at a time from his diet for 2 to 4 weeks and then add 1 item at a time back in and see if he reacts. (Food Elimination Diet to hel pdetermine food allergies) My immunologist recommended I do that with dairy and I have found I don't have to do totally without. I can have a slice of cheese on say a grilled cheese sandwich, as long as I have not had any other dairy in the previous 24 hours. I have heard that people can have varying tolerances for a variety of foods. I would recommend keeping a diary of the foods he eats and any reactions. Reactions can show up up to 3 days later so can be confusing if he eats a variety of foods. Good Luck
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  • Thank you, this is very informative. I'll keep this in mind.-C
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  • In addition to the other advice, Also enter "probiotics". Avoid all artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, MSG (cell excitotoxin) and sugar: replace with xylitol or stevia (health food stores), or, less preferably, fruit sugar, such as Fruisana, from supermarket sugar aisles.
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  • I'll keep that in mind, especially the msg. On a hunch, I switched my son to a gluten-free diet. Months later, he is doing much better. He is in better shape than he has been since he was 2 years old or younger; he's almost six What a relief. Celiac tests are negative...but he wasn't on the diet then. THANKS TO EVERYONE!!!! For all your help. Doctors were no help and extremely expensive. I've had to adjust my views of the medical industry.
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