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  • Posted By: passion2learn
  • June 3, 2010
  • 01:30 AM

I visited my dr about 3 times in the past year or so with some health issues such as No menstrul or very irregular, constipation, hair loss, fatigue to the point i have lost my job because i was unable to perform my normal tasks with out getting exhausted, acne, extra facial and body hair, no appetite but still gaining weight especiallymore body fat in my mid section or stomach area, fungal growth on my body. i have talked to her about what is going on showed her the growth on my body and my hair loss and she keeps saying it is depression. i have taken several diff anti-depressents it is not working. How can i approach such a difficult medical situation and get her to understand what i am saying is important to me and i need it to be resolved and start a plan of how we can possibly get this issue resolved or under control? how do i communicate with her as well when we have a language or accent barrier between the two of us?:o

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  • sounds like you have either a hormonal issue, chronic fatigue syndrome CFS or both (CFS patients often have many other issues). Many doctors are in denial about CFS and think that CFS patients are faking it or over exagerating their issues. The CDC says that 80% of CFS patients remain undiagnosed. Before mentioning possible CFS to the doctor, i'd try to get her to focus on the hormonal issues it sounds you have. Have you told her your issues are so serious that you lost your job over it? (i suppose you did, i know many doctors dont listen). Depression can be a cope out (garbage bag) diagnoses some doctors use when they dont know what is wrong with a person............. There is a good chance your issue is polycystic ovulation syndrome (PCOS), that is the most common cause of infertility and lack of periods or skipping periods and causes symptoms like yours. i suggest to copy some info on PCOS from a reputable online site... underline the symptoms you have which make yours.. and take that to your doctor and give it to her and ask her if she thinks you could have this issue. Push to be sent to a specialist who deals with womens hormones and womens issues if you have too. You should have blood tests on your homones (but sometimes they need to be read by a specialist, i've found MDs/GPs can miss abnormal results if it involves things like hormone ratios instead of amounts of hormones being produced). You also should have an ultrasound done on your ovaries to see if they are polycystic. You need these tests. PCOS puts you at a much higher risk of several other things eg obesity, heart issues, diabetes Once you've sorted out the hormonal side of things (make sure THYROID issues? have been ruled out by blood tests too.. thyriod problems could also cause your issues)... You may find you still have issues at which point (bigger issue than just PCOS?), then see if you can get CFS ruled in or out in your case. Many doctors mistake CFS for depression. CFS will cause your symptoms and more, most CFS patients have to leave their jobs (im unaware of PCOS making a person have to do that.. your exhaustion sounds more like CFS). Good list of the CFS statistics of symptoms at http://wwcoco.com/cfids/bernesx.html
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