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adult mumps

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • January 10, 2010
  • 02:51 AM

anyone here have, or had adult mumps...

thank you


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  • Yes, you can definately have adult mumps, as in the case with me at the moment. It is so weird, having mumps at 30! But it can happen! It's ***l by the way. Excrutiating pain when you swallow or open your mouth to talk or try to eat or drink something!! You can't sleep at night because of the pain, even with pain killers. In my case, the right side is affected much worse than the left, so when I try to lay on my right side, it feels as if this swollen bit in my throat is being ripped out of my body slowly. Gravity I guess?? It's painful when you talk, swallow, eat, yawn (which is out of the question), even just swallowing is exctutiating! I look like a ball!! I'm swollen both sides below the ears, below the jaw, just above the jaw (looks like a hamster), in front of the ears. Even my ears are hurting. Two doctors confirmed the diagnosis by the way. For anyone who gets this (adult wise), if it's as bad as mine, you have all my sympathy!!! Get lots and lots of heavy pain killers and keep on sleeping!!! And stack on soup it's the only thing that you can hardly get in. Good luck. Vlooitjie
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  • i have just come back from one month abroad and have the mumps too, im 27 and have had TWO vaccinations for the mumps and yet i still i got it. My face looks like a watermellon and its pretty painful. i cant really open my mouth, its a liquid diet from now on. i think the worst is that you have to be in quarantine for 9 days after you show symptoms as you are still infectious. my sympathy to anyone who has experienced it. Rest up!
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    • February 9, 2011
    • 10:18 PM
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  • Hey I have adult mumps. I am 19 and have had both the MMR jab and the booster jab but unfortunately am in the minority that still contract the infection. It started with a small lump at the side/slightly under my right ear which spread quickly over 3 days and has now started on my left side. It looks soooo weird. I would compare it to looking like I am wearing a fat suit on my face (almost resembles when Eddie Murphy wore the fat suit in the nutty professor (film)). It hurts a lot, especially in the morning and its difficult to eat (when I gulp it feels like there is a bit of my throat in the way... almost like there is a bit of food stuck in my throat which is obscuring my eating/drinking). Mumps also gives you a dry mouth but not a want to drink anything (thanks to the throat issues). Paracetamol alone was no good and I was recommended cocodamol which is paracetamol and codeine phosphate from over the counter. I'm sure there are also other alternatives but that is just what I was recommended. This infection also leaves you very tired at times but I have found that I feel better in the evenings (although this may be due to the many naps I have been having :D ). Mumps can also cause nausea, headache and a funny taste in mouth. If you begin to experience photophobia (pain towards light) or vomiting then apparently you need to see a doctor asap! I am 6 days into the infection and the symptoms are still prominent but apparently symptoms should only last around 7-10 days so hopefully it won't be too long before everything is back to normal :). I hope some of this helps!
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  • I'm 68 and contracted "mumps" - Don't recall having them as a child or having the MMR vaccine. I'm not aware of anybody that I've been in contact with that was infected. Apparently you can be infectious to others for three days before you show any symptoms. Started on the left side and moved over to the right side. Swelling became firm and painful. Ibuprofen 600mgs was about the only thing to give some relief. Sleeping is especially difficult. Laying down amplified the pain. Fever spiked at 102.4. Periods of feeling cold and feeling hot. Molars would not come together and mouth could not be opened very much. "Drinking" foods was about the only way to eat. Difficult to get food pieces into the mouth and then chewing them. Mouth/throat tended to feel dry but swollowing was only slightly a problem. Tooth brushing/flossing was a problem. Left side began reucing in size but the right stayed swollen a few more days.
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  • im 26, a pediatrics resident and im having bloody ***l mumps from a patient..its been 3 days now my face looks like a pig its painful to have anything other than sweet food..if u had adult form mumps..u had my deepest sympathy..just hang on there..!
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  • I'm 27 and have them now! Yikes. I remember having it as a child and hate that it had to happen twice to some! It's getting worse. Can't eat much! Swallowing is so painful and so is chewing. Suffered tonsilitis first and a week into it, I got them mumps. Advil is helping me get on with it but I might need a stronger dosage. I wish this would all be done.
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