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Abrupt face (mainly cheek) red spots

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  • Posted By: Miss.ery
  • March 20, 2011
  • 08:38 AM

Hello. I have been constantly trying and trying to diagnose my skin problem with no luck. If you can help me, I'd really appreciate it :)

On Friday of last week, before going to bed, I noticed a small, pimple like bump on my cheek. One only. Thinking it was acne, I placed a small amount of my efficient acne cream that I have been using for a year onto it and went to bed. I normally get acne around my t-zone (forehead & nose) and it has worked great. so I thought it was weird to get it on my cheek but I didn't think much of it.

The following Saturday morning I woke up with about 5-7 swollen, not red, spots on my face. It looked like a typical allergy reaction, so I took benedryl.

By Saturday night, the numbers increased a bit and it got a little red.

Sunday , when I awoke, they took on a more rounder and redder appeance. Look like acne and size of acne , but shaped more roundly.

So I went to a walk in clinic and the doctor prescribed an acne water medication. The medication smelt strongly of alcohol. I tried using it but it simply stayed the same but spread a little.

Discontinuing use of it about 2 days later, the bumps took on more of a form that looked like chicken pox. throughout the days, my cheeks swelled and they were itchy at random times. I took up this chance to visit the emergency room. The doctors there prescribed me with a strong antihistamine (allergy medication) but they didn't know if it was a sort of contact dermatitis or chicken pox. It did not blister like chicken pox and was only on my face, mainly cheeks.

A day later, Wednesday, they began to have a little pus and water in about 3 of them. My family doctor recommended I treat it like acne. So I placed my acne cream over it an it worsened some bit.

1 days later I noticed the spots has spread a little to my jaw, temples, corner of my mouth, and eyelid. Also, they didn't itch and the swelled went down.

The next day Friday, aka a week from when it all started, I spent a few hours placing paper towels soaked in Tetleys natural green tea onto my Cheeks. It noticeably went down and lessened. But there was still a sufficient amount.

Today, Saturday, I awoke and placed another sheet of green tea soaked paper towel on my cheeks. My swollen cheeks have gone down. The spots are mostly flat now. But the spots (about 30 small rice size) are still red and dotty. I now look like I have severe acne issues on my skin, even tho, it is not acne.

Ps. The only new products I've tried prior were lancome cream and tea. I suspect the lancome cream to be expired or unsuitable. The tea was in an aluminum jar, I suspect the heat caused the aluminum to seep into the tea. This may be a cause?

Please answer any comments, questions , tips, advice, and possible diagnosis! I'll greatly appreciate all the help I can get! I'm looking for as much help possible, please and thank you!

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