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abnormal head and stomach symptoms Help!

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  • Posted By: justcurious
  • January 20, 2007
  • 11:06 AM

About 4 years ago I had some pain on the left side of my head just under the skull. After a chiropractic visit I began to experience numbness, coldness and an ongoing burning sensation at the base of my head. Strange things began to happen, like half my tongue would go numb, my left side felt like it had a blood pressure cuff on it all of the time, I had visual disturbance and small blackout with my heart racing whenever it seemed to want to.

A trip to the ER and a few visit to the neurologist left me with no answers but they did an MRI and found that there was more fluid surrounding my brain then there should have been. Later along with all these symptoms I began to retain water, like about 20 extra pounds. They still didn't know what was wrong and so they put me on muscle relaxants and zanax to slow my heart down. The good thing about that was that zanax stopped the burning sensation at the base of my skull. It took months for my head to feel better but about a year afterward as things changed in my head I began to have burning sensations in my left shoulder and my left are along with some more visual disturbances, which the neurologist said were Basilar Artery Migraines even though they lasted much longer then a headache of that type should. So they put me on Midrin to control those symptoms. As time has gone on I continue to have symptoms that are frightening since they continue to move down my body and now I have abdominal pain that once it started in September it has only continued to produce more on going pain that makes me sick to my stomach. The pain started just under my left rib cage and when it finally got really bad I had a lot of burning pain, the same kind I experienced in my neck and upper back months before. After the initial burning sensation I felt cold at that spot and became very week. Now it has moved even lower in my stomach. The doctor put me on Prevacid which did not help. At one point, I made a trip to the doctor and the ER where they did a CT scan and found that my uterus was all the way up to my rib cage on the left side. An ultrasound showed it to be about six inches in diameter with a couple of small fibroids but didn't know it was enlarged. During this time I began having back pain that seems to go along with the stomach pain both make me feel really sick. My back pain is in the small of my back and has been sore for about four months too. It doesn't go away and sometimes it tends to spread upward.

I really feel sick. The doctors have checked to see if I was having a heart attack several times. The burning sensation continues to move downward, they know I am not having a stroke but I get left arm pain along with this.

Most everytime it is at it's worst. It is like my body does this thing where I will feel things start in my head and then it is like it just moves on down my body. I end up washing out in color, and my bowels and urinary tract seem to empty themselves as fast as they can and so I feel really weak afterward.

So far, the doctors don't have a clue. I was wondering if anyone knows what may be wrong and if it has a name, at least.

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