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Abdominal pain with leg weakness

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  • Posted By: jtmcelyea
  • September 20, 2008
  • 10:24 AM

I have been having bad abdominal pain for 3 months now and have had several ultrasounds and a cat scan to try and isolate the issue. They have diagnosed me with a medium case of varicocele but cannot explain why I have severe leg pain when I put any pressure on the extremity or run.

I was extremely athletic prior to this and have not exercised at all due to the doctors orders. Other symptoms have been extremely swollen lymph nodes 2 cm in the groin and swollen(no measurement in other areas). They noticed several cysts while but said its normal during the CT scan. I have been having constipation then diarrhea (3 or so movements a day), and mild fever a few times a day. Lately I have also been having a strong metallic taste in my mouth.

Please note liver function was slightly off but within "OK" limits 55 instead of 51, I do not drink. Kidney functions and Prostate functions are normal.

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  • There are several questions that need a response with regard to your symptoms. In the instance of the lymph nodes, did the swelling appear rapidly over a period of a day or two or did they steadily grow larger over a period of weeks? Do you know whether your supraclavicular lymph nodes are swollen as well? They are located just above the clavicle, about an inch or so distal from the neck toward the shoulder and can be felt by pressing with the fingers within the area of depression just above the clavicle bone. Can you be more specific about both your abdominal pain and the leg pain? In each case, tell me exactly where the pain is located and whether it's sharp, dull, intermittent, whether the pain in both cases feels like it is nearer the surface of the skin or deep within and whether the leg pain preceded the abdominal pain or vice versa, Is the abdominal pain relieved upon bowel movements? Does the pattern of the bowel movement always represent constipation followed by diahhrea? Is there a sense of fullness or feeling like you still have to make a bowel movement after doing so? In the case of the leg pain, does it occur under rest as well, such as at bedtime or wake you from sleep? The metallic taste in your mouth may or may not have relevance and often occurs in any case where the mouth is dry. Certain medications can cause this to occur as well. The liver profile and presence of cysts are fairly unremarkable. When you say mild fever, are you referring to temperatures above 100.3 F? If not, then we're really not speaking of fever and temperature below this range is somewhat dynamic throughout the day. If you can provide some answers to the questions above, I'll be glad to discuss the case further. Best regards, J Cottle, MD
    JCottleMD 580 Replies
    • September 20, 2008
    • 11:43 AM
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  • Firstly thanks for your input on this. In answer to your question the lymph nodes swelled over time. Yes my suprclavicular appear to be swollen as well. As to the abdominal pain, it started with a sense of heaviness in the abdominal area and testicals that was relieved upon urinating or a bowel movement. The sense of pain typically started upon exercise, i.e. running or even walking fast and continues for some times afterwards. If exercise it is a sharp stabbing pain, and sometimes even when resting a sharp stabbing pain that spreads down the legs. This pain feels like it is deep inside and spreads to the testical area. Otherwise it is a dull pain that is relieved by using the bathroom. If I use the legs in any weight resisted method, i.e. pushing something with my foot the pain starts in my legs then spreads to my stomach, in a sharp pain. The bowel mvements is usually two or three days of constipation followed by a day of diahhrea, approximately 90% of the time. I often feel like I have to use the bathroom again after a bowel movement. I have been waking up more at night, but not so much with pain as urinating more at night and restlessness. Thanks for you help in this matter.
    jtmcelyea 1 Replies
    • September 23, 2008
    • 10:59 AM
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  • jtmcelyea, Eat more high-fiber foods, such as whole-grain breads and cereals, beans, fresh raw vegetables, fresh raw fruits or cooked fruits with the peel on, dried fruits, dates, apricots, prunes, popcorn, seeds, and nuts. Fiber isn't digested by the body, so it moves through and is excreted. Fiber also absorbs a lot of water in the bowels, which makes stools softer and easier to pass. Make sure you drink more fluids if you eat more fiber, or your constipation might become worse.Recently I have found a product that has natural ingredients which wonderfully works. This is a recommended combination of Abdominal pain with leg weakness and weight loss Formula!
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    • September 23, 2008
    • 00:10 PM
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