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Abdominal pain, etc., no diagnosis yet

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • May 5, 2007
  • 04:26 PM

I have multiple "symptoms" which may or may not be related. So far I have no answers. I don't intend this as a subsitute to the doctor, I am persuing medical treatment, but I thought someone might read this and recognize the symptoms of something I could check out with my doctor.

30 year old female, overweight, smoker, seldom drink, not on birth control but not "trying" to get pregnant either, took birth control pills for about 9 years, never been pregnant, no surgeries, sexually active, no allergies, never diagnosed with any STD's, diagnosed with clinical depression 11 years ago, take generic version of Zoloft daily, occasionally take Melatonin to help me fall asleep, otherwise just take Midol for menstrual symptoms and Ibuprofen for headaches, earaches, etc.

--approximately one month ago abdominal discomfort became distressing--burning sensation in lower abdomen/pelvic region, "pinching," "prickling," and "sharp stabbing" sensation in lower abdomen as well as on my sides (for a few days the pain was intense in the lower left quadrant with sudden strong urge to urinate, the sudden urge to urinate has dissipated as well as a predominance of pain in the lower left quadrant but the overall pain remains), seems to migrate, traveling further up the abdomen, discomfort (stabbing, prickling) at times felt as high up as the top of the ribs on both sides; experience varying degrees of pain daily--at times just an annoyance, at others it makes me gasp, wince, or cry out--gets hard to try to mask that I'm in pain while I'm at work
--about the time the abdominal discomfort became distressing, also experienced lower back pain (unusual for me), feels as if my back is "burning," experience this daily, pain from lower back to mid-back
--I have noticed that the "prickling" sensations in the abdomen and the burning sensation in the back seem worse when I put in a particularly long day at work (12+ hours) and generally aren't as intense when I have a day off from work (my job is not particulary physically taxing, just requires long days sometimes)
--to me, the lower abdomen/pelvic area looks a bit swollen on the left at times--it's so slight I don't know if I'm just imagining it or what
--different urinary symptoms which change--frequent urination (but I am constantly drinking fluids when awake), nighttime urination (get up probably 3 times a night), sometimes the urge comes on sudden and strong, sometimes i feel the need to urinate after having just gone, sometimes feel the urge to urinate and not much comes out, sometimes there has been "hesitancy"--it takes a minute for the urinary stream to start, though I feel a strong urge to urinate, often feel "twinges" or pains in the abdomen when urinating, at times a strong odor with urine, sometimes urine is "clear"; no blood in urine

In the past, due to my concerns regarding urinary frequency, high fluid intake, and weight gain, I was tested for diabetes and had my thyroid checked. Both tests detected nothing. A year ago, when doing some routine blood work ups, the doctor detected a slightly elevated white blood cell count. Concerned, he ordered another test. Again, it was slightly elevated. He felt it was such a slight elevation that we did not need to be concerned. He said it could be linked to smoking or perhaps that slight elevation was actually normal for me.

The above symptoms have brought me to the doctor three times in the past month. I have had two urinalysis tests done--both clean. I have also had a CBC test, pelvic exam (saw overgrowth of bacteria and slightly elevated white blood count but tested negative for yeast infection--prescribed antibiotics, I completed the doses but pain remained). The doctor also did a simple manual exam, feeling the abdomen for any bulges, etc. This did not cause any pain. After the urine tests, questioning by the doctor led me to mention some mucous in my bowel movements. That, in connection with the lower abdominal pain, made him suspect irritable bowel syndrome--he prescribed a laxative and ordered a colonoscopy. I stopped taking the laxative when I was prepping for a colonoscopy and was advised not to start taking it again unless I was not having regular bowel movements. I have not had to take it as I am having regular bowel movements. The colonoscopy revealed nothing. I am now awaiting an appointment for an ultrasound of the lower abdomen/pelvic region.

I also have the following "symptoms" though I'm not sure if they're related at all:

--noticed going back a few years, that I would feel discomfort in my abdomen--it would feel "swollen"--brought up to doctor but no tests done, advised to up fiber intake
--night sweats (wake up and my clothes are soaked, one time the sheet was even wet, have noticed an increasing frequency of this over the past few weeks)
--over the past few weeks, I will feel premenstrual when it is not my time of the month--I have very distinct signs of an upcoming period--back pain, crampy pain in abdomen and upper legs--lately I will have this and it doesn't actually seem to coincide with my period--still responds to Midol, though, which I guess is good, or I would be pretty miserable
--chest pains
--vaginal discharge for years (generally yellowish, sometimes grey, brown, green, pink) was treated for yeast infection twice and symptom continued, was advised that some women just have more discharge than others (I do stick to getting regular pelvic exams and have had no abnormal paps)
--occasional severe abdominal pain (twice in the past year) when moving, lifting, coughing, urinating--just about to go to the hospital and then it would dissipate
--occasional vaginal itching
--loss of pubic hair (I don't know what is considered normal and what is not)
--at times feel light-headed in the morning, just ignore it and it goes away
--a few episodes of visual disturbances--had trouble reading, felt disorientated--went to urgent care, told it was classic sign of migraines and prescribed migraine medication (no tests done), has reoccured, seems to "go away" with or without the medication, usually is followed by a headache, though not severe; have noticed floaters more frequently over the past few weeks; also, usually after going to the bathroom, notice that things seem to be "tinged" with unusual colors--pinkish or greenish, goes away quickly
--periods are heavier now (over the past year or so) than they were in the past, sometimes brownish colored and mucous-y looking
--burning sensation on tongue--comes and goes
--earaches in right ear (feeling of fullness, pressure), have been to the doctor and a specialist and can see nothing wrong; occasional ringing or buzzing in right ear
--feel as if I've experienced hearing loss--have had my hearing tested twice and no hearing loss is detected
--toothaches, right side generally, again, go to the dentist routinely, see nothing wrong
--semi-frequent headaches, but not debilitating
--occasional feeling of tingling/numbness in several fingers of the right hand
--periods have been very regular, but suddenly this month it came two weeks early--I'm waiting to see how long it is until my next period
--history of having diareah (sorry about the spelling) when stressed, but it has not been very frequent in the past months
--occasional pain during sex, advised my cervix could be a little lower than most women's and was "getting bumped"
--also have noticed over the past few weeks that I'm more irritable (stress?), have trouble concentrating, seem to have a bit more trouble multi-tasking than I used to, just slight trouble coming up with the word I want to say at times or a little bit of trouble reading out loud (again, I don't know if this is all stress-related as I'm anxious about what could be wrong with me or what)

Sorry this got to be so long. If anyone has any ideas, I'd be glad to hear them.

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  • More info.So, I am guessing no one has any ideas or no one has bothered to read my super long post.Anyway, had the ultrasound. The technician said she saw a small cyst on my left ovary, but I have not heard back from the radiologist yet.Now I have a new symptom that seems related--tenderness on the right side of my vaginal opening.Something that may not be related: pain on the roof of my mouth and it feels as if there's a sore.I am starting to think I might be a hypochondriac or something and need to just figure people have random pains and such.
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  • Dear Unregistered...PLEASE visit www.ahummingbirdsguide.com LOTS of it on this site...several people with similar/same symptoms...I'm being tested now...please read posts where mommy cat has written...you will see what is happening here.mommy cat
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