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Abdominal issues, gallbladder?

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  • Posted By: lizardbrain
  • August 5, 2011
  • 03:14 AM

Three years ago I had some stomach issues. It started with some mild pain on my upper right side, followed by about a week of abdominal pain. I felt fine on an empty stomach, but after eating my abdomen would feel bloated and uncomfortable, with a feeling like I needed to go to the bathroom when in fact I did not. I went to the ER, they suspected my gallbladder but blood tests and an ultrasound revealed nothing, so they blamed it on acid reflux and told me to take antacids.

Skip ahead to yesterday. No problems in between. Occasional heartburn depending on what I eat, but no pain. I started to feel off again a day or two before. Stomach bloated a little, thought it might have been PMS related. Woke up yesterday feeling a little queasy, so I ate two of those mini chocolate donuts as a quick way to get something on my stomach and hopefully settle it. About 30 minutes later I felt a sharp pain behind my lower right ribs, towards the front in the area below my right breast. It slowly spread around my side to the back, then up and down along my spine only on the right side. I started to feel nauseous, and spent the next two hours in pain and constantly burping up acid. After it faded I had the same tender abdomen/bloating/feeling like I need to go as I did before. I'm still having that. I can drink as much as I want, but solid food is a painful experience from the moment I finish eating. It doesn't matter what kind of food, anything that puts weight on my stomach flares it up. My abdomen is tender to the touch pretty much from my ribs to my pelvis.

I should have gone to the doctor right when the pain started, but I was afraid of wasting more time only to get another "I don't know, have some pills anyway." Plus the worst of it would have been over in the time it would take me to drive to the ER and actually get seen. Does this sound gallbladder related? Maybe something else? Anything to point me in the right direction and help me get a doctor to really look into it instead of half guessing is appreciated.

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  • It is either gallbladder or apendix, You really should go to the doctor sooner rather then later. It really sounds more like gallbladder because of your heartburn. I had both problems. :(So yes go to the doctor either tonight or first thing in the morning.Good Luck:)
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  • "ultrasound revealed nothing" = what does it means? if they did not see any stones, it's not enough to exclude gallbladder influence. Did they notice any problem with tonus of the sphincter of Oddi, i.e. did they find a biliary dyskinesia? In some cases biliary dyskinesia can cause pain symptoms although ultrasound image was clear.What about your pancreas? did they check your pancreas by ultrasound and other tests? may be you have pancreatitis? I think you also shoud do gastroscopy test additionally to check the current state of your stomach and duodenum.
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  • As in they saw nothing abnormal at all.I went to the ER again yesterday. After my pain several days ago I hadn't really had any issues, just little twinges of pain every now and then. Then on Saturday after lunch the pain came back. It wasn't sudden like the last time, just a dull ache that grew into a stabbing pain and back again. It went in and out like that all evening so on Sunday morning I went to the ER. I had another ultrasound that revealed I had no stones and my gallbladder looked normal. I did have elevated liver enzymes and a fatty liver and I was referred to a Gastroenterologist to follow up because there was still a chance that my gallbladder was malfunctioning and it not be visible on the sonogram. The doctor in the ER wants me to take Nexium for now.The pain I'm in has been near constant, though not currently severe. My abdomen in tender below my right ribs, and the pain pretty much stays in that area and under my right shoulder blade. The pain gets worse after eating, almost immediately, and I burp constantly (no acid this time).My consult is tomorrow so hopefully they'll have some good information for me.
    lizardbrain 2 Replies
    • August 15, 2011
    • 04:24 PM
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  • Updating this as I now have a diagnosis. The HIDA scan revealed that my gallbladder is functioning at 20%, so a cholecystectomy is recommended.I'm rather peeved because my doctor nearly misdiagnosed me. He pushed everything off on my liver and didn't want to listen to me, despite the fact that I had another flare up while sitting in his office!After my HIDA I had another intense flare up that lasted for two days. I called the next morning to ask if it was normal for symptoms to return after the scan since the CCK induces gallbladder contractions, and he told me no. He said my scan was normal and had sent out a letter that morning saying such. He had no idea why I was in pain, or why I was feeling something flutter/spasm under my ribs, but he wanted me to take some IBS medication to see if it helped. :rolleyes:I decided I'd had enough and wanted a second opinion, so I called the nurse at his office to get all of my lab and test numbers for reference. When I asked about my ejection fraction from the HIDA (how much tracer was expelled from the gallbladder upon stimulation) she told me it was 20%. :eek: I asked her what he goes by as far as "normal" because everything I'd read said you had to be 35% or higher to be considered functioning. She told me she'd pass it on and he'd call back. He called me back in two minutes (it took him an hour to call me about the pain). Was very sympathetic this time, asked about my pain level, did I have a fever, and that my gallbladder wasn't working properly and he suggested that it come out. Gee doc, ya think???So I now have an appointment with a surgeon who will go over everything and we'll take it from there. I most certainly will not be going back to see that gastroenterologist, next time it'll be worth the hour drive to see someone else.
    lizardbrain 2 Replies
    • August 21, 2011
    • 05:54 PM
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