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Abdo pain, back pain and yello poo

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  • Posted By: Erica123
  • July 15, 2007
  • 07:30 AM


I have been suffering with severe abdominal pain for the last two months. It started suddenly on a Sunday afternoon in May and has been relentless since then. The pain is centralised about an inch or two above my belly button. Along with the pain I have been suffering with diarrohea which is yellow/brown in colour, sometimes luminous yellow, watery and occasionally has mucus with it. I have had the odd instance of blood on the stool also.

Of late i have also developed lower back pain which travels down my spine into my bottom. The pain is so severe it wakes me up around 3am each morning and is so severe i cannot get back to sleep . My appetitie is virtually none existent and i have lost 4 kg so far. I only weigh 56 kilos normally so i am getting quite thin. Along with recent back pain that has developed i have also been getting nauseous. So far i have been to see my doctor eleven times and as yet have not got a diagnosis.

They initially treated me for gastristis, then gastroenteris, none of these medicines worked. They then tried a IBS medication (mebeverine) this did not work. I have had a ultrasound od the upper abdomen and everthing was normal. They have checked my amylase level for pacreatitis and this was normal. They also screened me for celiac disease which was negative.
Last week they decided to try a stronger IBS medication (merbentyl 20) this also does not seem to be working.

The back pain appears to be getting worse. i did not have this symptom to start with nor the nausea. I have had two blood tests to check Liver funstion, blood count, urea and electolytes. These came back normal apart for my serum bilirubin level which had increased from 16.0 umol/L to 19.0 umol/L in a week. I believe this is slightly aboove average level, the test was done three weeks ago so i dont know if it is still increasing. The doctor did not seem concerned about this.

I have an appointment booked with a gastroenterologist on Tuesday ( i have had to go private to get seen quickly).

Does anybody have any ideas what could be causing this... it is taking over my life, i cant do anything it is so bad.

So far my doc thinks it is IBS or Ulcerative colitis. If anybody has had anything similar or can offer any advice please let me know.

Thanks :)

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  • Hi, Up again at silly o'clock. no body got any idea's? Erica
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  • Yellow poop means that there might be an obstruction of the common bile duct. Is it clay-like? Look-up biliary colic.
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  • Thanks for your reply. I have had an abdominal ultrasound and there was not stones or inflammation in the gall bladder or ducts. I should have metioned i am 25, of slim build and eat a good diet. Not long now till i see the gastroeneterlogist. Hopefully i might get some answers. Not feeling good at all at the moment, running a 100 F temperature any more suggestions would be appreciated.
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  • Hi, Saw the doctor yesterday. He checked my lower colon with a camera and couldnt see anything amiss. He now wants me to have a barium xray to look at my stomach and small instestine. Should get this in next few weeks. he agreed that my stools were pale and he thinks this is due to evrything going through very quickly. He didnt really give me much idea of what is causing it other than IBS. Medications i have for this dont seem to do anything though and pain is just getting worse. I am getting really down now.
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  • They can also scope orally down to the duodenum. (EGD) Suggest this to your doc.
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