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A year of doctor visits without a diagnosis.

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • September 15, 2009
  • 08:09 PM

When I had started the 8th grade, I began to have difficulties with exercising. I would feel short of breath rather quickly and found I was unable to participate. I had seen my pediatrician who refered me to an allergist, who tested me for allergies to see if this was the cause of my shortness of breath as well as possibly asthma. I minor exercise test was run, where a pulmonary doctor happened to walk by and was asked to help with the machine. He explained something to my mom which I really don't remember due to my concentration on exercising. My mom decided that she wanted me to see him. He did and preformed a more strenuous exercise test. I was hooked up to a breathing monitor, pulse monitor, and blood pressure machine. He also took arterial blood gas before and after. The results indicated that I reached anaerobic threshold much more quickly than someone my age should and the pH drop in my blood gas was drastic. The production of my lactic acid was abnormally high as well. He reviewed the results and ran tests of my lungs to see if their was something wrong with them to cause this. My lungs were fine so he decided to send me to a cardiologist. An echocardiogram was done, and my heart was monitored due to palpitations. My heart was said to have been fine that everything was all in my head. This was depressing, but I was removed from PE after hyperventilating on the field after a 2 lap jog. Months past, without problem since I had not been exercising. I had a follow up visit last June, and he reviewed the results again. He concluded that its possible that I have muscle weakness which makes me tired quickly while exercising, so he sent me to a neurologist. The neurologist ran an the usual tests for nerve function and muscle function, shocking and probing. She said everything was normal, but I proceeded to ask her about the results of the prior blood test which she ordered after exercising. She said the lactic acid level was abnormally high. Also, my liver appeared to be fine from the blood work. This is very frustrating as it has been going on for a year and I am unable to participate normally. I get tired very fast, my muscles cramp fast and I feel like I can't breath when exercise. Even sitting and moving my arm out and back in for a couple minutes causes that arm to cramp. I wish I could figure out what is wrong so I can become a normal teenager and be able to take dance, play soccer, and run.

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