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A Shot in The Dark

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  • Posted By: Mara Sweet
  • May 28, 2012
  • 07:34 PM

I am posting this as a shot in the dark that I may be able to find some direction toward a diagnosis. I have been experiencing the same symptoms for about three years now. It starts by my left ear hurting and lymph nodes visibly swelling in my neck, across my shoulder, and under my arm. This is generally followed by intense headache and nausea, and an aching sensation in my upper left quadrant. (bottom of chin, throat, neck, shoulder, arm, and chest) I have been diagnosed with recurring inner ear infections a couple of times upon going to the ER. (I have never gotten ear infections in my entire life, until now) I also get blurred vision and feel fatigued when this is going on. I have had a couple of CT scans that show enlarged lymph nodes, but no real follow-up. The only medication i have found to alleviate the symptoms is a strong anti-inflammatory called Tordol. Opiates do not help at all. I often start out using moist heat compresses which help some. I can feel something distinctly pressing in my throat when this happens as well. It is like a fingertip pressing on an area deep under the back of my tongue inside my throat. I do have difficulty swallowing my medicine down, sometimes, usually if I wait too long to take it when the symptoms start. I have been to an ENT and he became stumped, so I quit going. My son says I turn "white as a sheet" when it starts too. I know the accompanying headache is excruciating pain and I feel like death warmed over...barely. If anyone has any ideas on what direction I could go with this to get some answers, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for taking the time to read this. This used to happen only a couple times in a 6-month span, now it is happening about every three weeks. I'm just at a loss.

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  • two things come to mind either a pinched nerve from a slipped disk, or a blood clot. slipped disks are fairly common some people never have symptoms but for others(if it slips into or blocks something important) have intense pain.... i believe i have a slipped disk in my shoulder(pain feels localized at the top midway between shoulder and neck and radiates in both directions causing the arm to go numb and a migraine) this sensation is why i say it's also likely to be a clot especially if you have a sedative lifestyle or bad cholesterol. if you have the funds go to the doctor as clots can be life threatening, if you don't try taking small doses of aspirin daily it's a blood thinner and would help if thats the problem(by small doses i mean a fraction of a serving... buy the lowest dose at walmart) if it's a slipped disk..... those can usually only be corrected by surgery, in that case the best thing you can do at home is strength training building up muscle in the shoulder/neck could relieve pressure on either the vein or nerve.... i do both and my results are that i used to get that pain every day for hours over the period of 2 years or so(gradually working up too more and more frequently and longer duration) to only feeling it once every couple months and only for about 30 seconds.... though there is a constant dull discomfort, but if it is the same sharp stabbing pain that makes you feel like you want to rip your arm off and stab yourself in the shoulder than thats minor lol.... hope this helps if it is the same thing.
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  • Unfortunately, I wish I could offer some info for you. I will say a prayer for you though :)I hope you find answers soon.
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  • This sounds neurological to me. I'd recommend seeing a neurologist asap. The fact that your symptoms happen on one side of your body, that is how the neurological system works. I disagree that this is a slipped disc, I have seen many of those and this sounds nothing like it. The swollen nodes I don' t get... But i'm sure some capable neurologist out there will. You may have to try several, be patient. Good luck, hope you find answers and feel better.
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  • :o:oI have some suggestions only because I know people who have had all/some of the symptoms you list, and were diagnosed with one of the conditions I have listed. I would have myself checked by specialists, or, work through your GP for the following conditions:lupusMSHodgkins LymphomaNon-Hodgkins LymphomaEar Tumor (the inside workings of the ear)Thyroid-High and/or Low If there is a teaching hospital near you, they sometimes are more up to date on conditions and what is needed. Good Luck.
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