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A few concerns

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • December 19, 2009
  • 08:17 AM

Sorry for the vague title, but the symptoms I'm going to be listing are completely random, a few months worth of little concerns that I haven't been concerned enough over to go to the doctor. ;)

I'm not putting them into any sort of order, and if someone were just to reply to one of them, I'd be happy. ;)

Okay, here goes!

Itchy/ticklish sensation radiating from center of abdomen (inside)
I've had this since around the age of 8, but it only happens every few months. it's VERY annoying, as it feels like it's deep under the flesh, yet really needs to be scratched. (;
It also leaves me feeling VERY lethargic & shakey. I've been tested for diabetes/blood pressure and all of that, and it seems unrelated to food - it also disappears on its own rather fast, and seems to be made worse by heat - putting something cold on my stomach leaves it feeling better.

Discoloured chunk on forearm
Only got this 3 days ago, it's about 7"x3, it looks like shallow bruise (but isn't), got a very slight tint of bluey/red on it.

Fluttering/twitching on left side of chest
First time I felt it, it felt like my heart was trying to jump out of my chest. ;)
Difficult to describe, usually happens near my right nipple, twitches fairly badly at times. I also feel a vibration at times.

Phantom vibrating
This is happening very often now, I feel a vibration in my foot that seems to start from the bottom of the shin to my toes, happens in a regular interval every 30 secs or so, just an annoyance. Could also be described as a small electrical current travelling through my foot...

Arthritis in thumb at 19?
For a few weeks, my right thumb has been very painful & stiff, when moving it it makes a creaking sound, other people can feel the creaking too, it also takes a lot of effort to move.

Now, one which I feel is far too complicated for anyone to even try to guess what it is:

Brain fog, difficulty interpreting things, depression, constant need to sleep
The weird thing here, is that I swear most of these started at around about the same time - 2 months after moving to the UK, 3 years ago. One day I just woke up to a world which seemed...grayer, I'd never been depressed beforehand, and had nothing to be depressed about, my mind's clarity went downhill, vision seemed to be less vivid, struggled to find enjoyment in anything. In a mere month I grew a massive inferiority complex, became a perfectionist & a depressive, I'd get lost in my mind trying to interpret something, would completely forget stuff that I was just thinking about -brain fog. To make things worse, 2 weeks afterwards I was diagnosed with Bell's Palsy (half facial paralysis), had constant facial spasms, etc. Healed up since then.
Another thing that may be related - in the same month, something weird with my hands started, occasionally, my hands would go numb with pins and needles, my fingers would move on their own, muscles/nerves under the skin on my hands would also visibly spasm in all sorts of ways, only getting full control of them a few minutes later.
Recently a muscle on my right shoulder was consistently throbbing for 2 days with no cause, it too was visible from plain eyesight.

Really not sure how to describe this one, but it's a very big concern health-wise with me right now. I'll be busy with something, then, *boom*, my brain feels like it's just reset, like I'm suddenly in a new, unfamiliar place, similar to a headrush (instant though) and similar to the deja-vu feeling, takes a sec or 2 to get my mind back on track, and usually can't remember things right before it happened.
This is fairly recent, but very worrying!

btw: I'm 19, male, and I believe I have a fairly healthy lifestyle.

I know there's a lot there, but I did say it'd be a few random symptoms on my mind.

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