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A dozen symptoms but no diagnosis???

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  • Posted By: kmart40
  • June 4, 2007
  • 04:21 AM

About 2 years ago, I gained 50 pounds in about 2 months, 4 or 5 pounds a week although no diet or exercise change (I wasn't exercising but still!). I immediately started dieting and have been for 2 years!, but still am 200 pounds despite a healthier lower-calorie diet. I also started exercising 2 months ago 4 times a week, 30 to 45 minutes (biking, walking, and aerobics) and still haven't lost weight. Very weird for me. I was always 150 my entire life before this, give or take a pound or two. I also started losing 10 to 20% of my hair, it started falling/thinning out a bit, not balding but definitely thinner. My period had also been barely noticeable after my first child and it quadrupled, went to a Super tampon not even totally effective every few hours with dime to quarter sized clots most periods (but don't get the clots every period).

Just in the past few weeks I've added another symptom! I've been urinating 10 to 12 times a day, and I've been reading on the internet that 4 to 6 times is the average, so that doesn't seem normal either. I seem to be falling apart. Well except for the last symptom I went to my doctor with this 3 or 4 times in the past 2 years. She tested me last year with the blood tests and found my thyroid normal with a 3 but my tryglycyerides high although my diet was normal at the time. I didn't eat starches much, but did eat chocolate so cut that out and started out eating also a GI (glycemic) diet as well which should have helped. When she ran the blood tests again last month, they again came out again with high tryglyercides! Her nurse told me to cut out the sugar and starches and I told her what do I do if I already did cut them out??? I am on Propanol also for high blood pressure for my migraines which I have had for 10 years which could be contributing to that. My thyroid is now a 4, but she said that is still normal. So she wants to wait and see, but after 2 years of this I am getting impatient and a bit worried....Any ideas from anyone? P.S. My husband also thinks my face looks puffy, and I think my stomach looks puffy as well which is weird & discouraging after 2 years of dieting & 2 months of exercising!

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  • polycystic ovary? Is the hair on your face getting coarser, but the hair on your head heading toward male pattern baldness?
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  • I think my hair looks normal, but has thinned out. It's still in all the same places on my head, just is falling out noticeably. When I eat, it is always in my food, when I wash my hair it is wrapped around my arms and hands--this started about 1 to 2 years ago. It is also growing around my mouth and chin which started about the same time. I don't notice any noticable courseness, but never had any before to compare texture to though!
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  • How's your potassium? Did the dr say anything about a ct scan? do you get any abdomen pain and how long have you had high blood pressure?
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  • I think my potassium is fine (didn't show up with the bloodwork we just did last month). The only thing strange was high trigycerides (spelling?) which is strange b/c I'm eating a low starch/low sugar diet but am taking Propanol for the high blood pressure which I've read can elevate them. The doctor has not talked about doing anything re: cat scan other than wanting to wait on testing my thyroid for a 3rd time in a few months as it has gone from 3 to 4 since last year. I have a feeling it could be something else and it has been 2 years now, so I am tired of waiting! I have had stomach pains just in the past few weeks and the stomach bloating. The high blood pressure my migraine doctor found out about 6 months ago, and that's when I started 20 mg. of Propanol each day. My blood pressure has returned to normal with that now.
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  • How's your potassium? Did the dr say anything about a ct scan? do you get any abdomen pain and how long have you had high blood pressure? Potassium is fine just have elevated triglycerides although I do have a lowfat/low sugar/low starch diet and have had that for the past year or two and have been exercising as well the past 2 months about 4 times a week at least 30 minutes or more. Dr. has said nothing about cat scan, just wants to wait several months and retest my thyroid for the 3rd time. I have had some abdominal pain for the past few weeks, mild though. My migraine doctor found the high blood pressure 6 months ago and put me on 20 mg. Propanol 2 times a day AM & PM, which has eliminated the high blood pressure, it's now normal when I test it at the drug store.
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  • Sounds like you have what I have - polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). See a gyno to get the diagnosis. Some DRs are scared to diagnose people without tests to prove it...but my DR told me that the symptoms are enough to make the determination. Infact, she diagnosed me even though my blood work and ultrasound were fine. My friend also has PCOS and tried for YEARS to figure out what it was, her DR called her a hypochondriac and she said she actually cried tears of relief when she found out because she was starting to think she was crazy. Are you able to have children? Normally PCOS patients cannot conceive until they get on medication - which what I take is actually a diabetic medication, used to treat PCOS. My DR said the weight gain in the stomach is due to insulin and cortisol being out of wack, and this medication fixs it. I also developed brown spots on my skin, which is caused by insulin resistance...even though I dont have diabetes.Another disorder you might have, though it is extremely rare, is cushings, also called hypocortisolism...dont quote my spelling!Good luck!
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  • hello again!try this web link: http://www.webmd.com/cholesterol-management/tc/High-Triglycerides-Overviewyou may have seen it already, but i noticed that high tri's will sometimes give you ab pain. You might ask for a celiac test. I know alot of people are misdiagnosed with alot of symptoms and someone told me to ask my dr for a celiac test. i tested positive to my surprise. i immediately stopped eating gluten, which will help you with weight too. I need to lose myself, i was thin all my life until i became crazy sick about 2 years ago. Dr's are buzy, sometimes we have to help ourselves. eat right, exercize, i know you're in pain, so am i, i can't work and it's driving me crazy. It's so depressing. but, i just have come to the conclussion that i am going to have to push myself or i am going to get eaten up by all this and just keep getting worse. yesterday the dr told me i have 2 enlarged adrenal glands, is that why i'm having pain in my abs? who knows? what are they going to do about it? who knows? do they really care? NO!!!! they have families, it's a job!!! help yourself perhaps alittle, i guess that's what i will do, until i have more answers, a little pain meds or herbal supplements won't hurt, there are so many misdx out there. I know, because, the doc's told me i had too many things. i'm on too much med's, we cut things down to about 7 different med's now. i've been on med's since i was a child. it really is tough. by the way i am on tenormen for high blood pressure 50 mg 2x a day. it is a beta blocker that slows my heart rate therefore regulates the pressure. Ask your doctor for a simple celiac blood test. He shouldn't say no. You have the symptoms, fatigue, ab pain, puffiness, the only question, do you have any frequent trouble with any gastro problems? I had diarrhea forever and gerd and had acid reflux and am on nexium. That would be a big symptom for celiac's. Usually an intolerance that you may not even realize to certain foods. The reason i asked about potassium, or actually any other metabolic enzyme, such as iron etc... i found out that i became dehydrated multiple times from the depletion of these because of some reason they still haven't figured out. (I believe i should weigh 80 lbs!) This is also a another symptom in many diseases but very much so in celiac disease. But celiac disease is considered to be a "rare disease" in this country while in Europe they test their children because it's very common! especially in the Irish. Sometimes we just have to do our own research! Anyway, unless they find another "reaonable answer" for me, i voted i am a celiac, i don't eat anything with gluten, it's a good healthy diet and i feel much better, no ab pain. i experimented, ate 2 cupcakes, and wound up in the hospital last week for a week. It doesn't sound coincidental to me after being ok for 3 months. But the good drs. said it wasn't from celiacs, even though i tested positive. GOOD GRIEF! I have 2 degrees, am going for my masters, i'm not a brain surgeon, and i'm not stupid!!!!! I think we just have to help ourselves, thank G_D for the internet, and i guess we have to push ourselves a little, think positive, and laugh a lot! let me know how you feel and take care!
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