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A difficult sensation.

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  • Posted By: Unknown00
  • May 11, 2009
  • 06:06 PM

Ever since I was small, I’ve been suffering from some sort of illness. When I was smaller, I would get intense spinning sensations and I believe I suffered from vomiting and sensitivity from light as well. I don’t lose my balance during the sensations. I was told I had migraines. The only problem is, when I have “episodes” I don’t experience pain. But I’ve heard of silent migraines where the individual doesn’t experience any pain. I’ve also heard that migraines run in families. My grandfather had severe migraines that kept him in bed for days. My mom has chronic headaches, but has never been diagnosed as migraines. My dad has had migraines. My dad also had motion sickness. So from my research, that puts my around at least a 50% chance of migraines. As I was growing older, the spinning sensation lessened. I don’t vomit nor am I blinded by light. Generally, I’d get this sensation mildly before it got to its peak. After that, it’d lessen and go away. All in all, typically the spinning sensation can last anywhere from several days to weeks. When I was smaller, it seemed like Colby cheese was one of the factors that triggered the sensation. But I can eat Colby now seemingly without a problem. One trigger that I know of is odor. Whenever I smell a strong odor it can cause the sensation. One instance was while I was in a body shop and I smelled the primer paint for a car or something. It was a strong smell. So I’d say odor is definitely a trigger. Another trigger I’d say is rigorous exercise. I don’t have a problem riding in a car without the sensation, but when I’m experiencing it is when it becomes a problem. Whoever is driving and takes a turn, irritates the sensation. Generally, anything I do can aggravates it. That includes walking, talking, loud noises or eye movements. Pretty much anything. I’ve had a very hard time explaining the sensation. It feels like my head wants to spin, but doesn’t. And I don’t lose my balance. Also, it’s not always a clear spinning sensation. So I was wondering if there are different severities of dizziness. I was told by a neurologist that I have optic migraines. Another neurologist told me I had vertigo. One other doctor was thinking I might have Nonallergic Rhinitis. He said the inside lining of my nose was pale, which is a sign for that. And given that I have a chronic cough, runny nose, and my mucus is white points to allergies I would think. I also will find myself to have a little pressure on the upper bridge of my nose, but it doesn’t last long. Not to mention that odor can affect me. I’ve tried a medication for the things I’ve mentioned. None of them seemed to work. Maybe I didn’t give them enough time or maybe I needed to try a different medication. I’m not sure. I might’ve taken Topamax for migraines(not sure), Flonase and Rhinocort for Nonallergic Rhinitis, Paxil for optic migraines, and I can’t remember what I took for vertigo. One thing that seems to stand out is odor affects me. I’d think that’d rule out inner ear and a few others, but I don’t know. Is it possible I’ve suffering from more than one thing at a time? Also, I think just about every time I went to the doctor for anything, he’d tell me I had a lot of ear wax. So I don’t know if that may cause a blockage or an infection which could lead to this. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time.

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