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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • April 8, 2010
  • 02:20 AM

For about nine weeks I been suffering with an ailment that I thought I had figured out and still may have it right. First let me give a quick list of symptoms.

pain in left jaw
left ear plugged and have a tinge of pain every now and then
Feeling of something stuck in my throat
Throat pain(feels muscle related)
Swollen lymphnodes under chin in my neck
post nasal drip
Occurence of numbness in hands every now and then
Feels as hands are trying to spasm up at times
Occasional headaches
Legs feel like they are spasming or going to give out at times
Dizziness and lightheaded on occasions
Discoloration near jaw bone(also had a tooth extraction few weeks back on same side)
Swallowing difficulties
I believe ocassional clicking/popping in jaw but have read that after opening your mouhth to a certain distance it is normal to hear a click or pop

Okay I have been to the ER on several occasions through all this been diagnosed with dental caries, strep, viral pharayngitis, and also told they didn't know by one doctor to see a dentist. I have been to two dentist clinics as well, had an abcess tooth which was extracted, remaining two upper teeth extracted. I also have been to a family doctor and they didn't say what I had but said there has been alot of people lately in the community saying they have a feeling of something stuck in thier throat. Most of the doctors have ran no tests. One doctor did run a swab test for bacteria and a blood test to check my blood count and guessing for bacteria that way. Blood count was fine and Bacteria test came back negative(this was last visit to ER did have bacteria infection from tooth infection at one time). He also checked to see if my jaw was cracked from one of my extraction just by seeing if they aligned where they connected. Did not have me move my mouth or anything.
I have taken penicillian, doxycycline, pain killers, Motrin, muscle relaxers(aren't mine), antiacid)offbrand pepcid).

Here is what I started to believe from studying and asking questions, even one directly to a dentist online. I believe atm I have TMJ(caused by having no dentures as I only had 2 upper teeth for around 2- 2/12 yrs)

It began though with a tooth infection that I was trying to keep under wraps til I could get it pulled the next week, but ended up spreading all the way into my neck. I finalyl was able to get that extracted. Unfortunately it was a lower tooth where one of my remaining two upper teeth connected with. I felt better for two days afterwards then back into what felt like the same or similiar pain. I believe one of my remaining top two teeth was slipping off the tooth it connected with and causing my tooth to drive directly into the extracion site causing severe pain. Well anyhow the reason for that belief was after I asked a dentist online and he told me malocussion could cause my symptoms especially could have occured when that bottom tooth was removed. Anyhow I started watching my bite a little more and to me it appeared as if that one tooth was only halfway on the lower tooth. So clenched and tried noticing if I got a spike of pain which I did. So anyhow got the two remaining upper teeth taken out. Felt so-so for about a day or two then ended up with similiar pain again. So figured since thew online dentist said malocclusion that he was saying malocclusion was causing TMJ type symptoms which seemed to concide and fit better than all these other things doctors have been telling me. Plus first time I took a muscle relaxer it felt like a noticable difference. I know have a nightguard in my mouth just to keep a gap between my upper gums and my lower teeth as well which also seems to help. I believe the feeling of something stuck in my throat is due to either the heavy mucus drainage or a cricophargeal spasm. No one will fit me for upper false teeth til the eariliest being the 20th and I hope that ends this whole issue.

The thing though is I am having the numbness and spasm feelings in my legs I guess thats the best way to describe it or as if my legs just want to give out. Is that normal? I have heard that the tingling and numbness in the hands can be an occurence of TMJ but nothing of the legs and how about tyhe dizziness/lightheadedness?

If not does anyone have any other suggestions on what this could be?

Thanks for reading and any responses.

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