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9 Months on and Told it is Stress.(38 year Old Male)

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  • Posted By: Adam W-B
  • May 8, 2007
  • 06:34 PM

About 9 Months ago I went to see mg GP complaining that I felt really unwell and that I thought my head was exploding, she took my Blood Pressure (I will refer to this a "BP")and I had a reading of 228 over 128 (This I was told this was very high) I was admited to hospital immediately and then released the same day as the blood tests revealed nothing.

I was told that I would need to be treated for high BP.

I accepted this and carried on my life having good days and bad.

2 Months later (September) the high BP returned high some days normal others but I had a pain in my back just under my right shoulder blade (I could put a finger tip right on top of it) The only way to describe it was as if someone had a certain back muscle between a set of pliers. Always the same back muscle.

This came and went over a period of weeks, some days their somedays not, but all the time not feeling myself and generaly unwell and quite weak.

As the weeks passed I knew that something was progressively deteriorating inside me as I felt permanently unwell, with sweaty flushes palpitations and anxioty attacks, My BP readings were "yoyo'ing" from very high to normal.

New Doctor (As I had moved address) said STRESS! Off Duty consultant(Yes Surgeon in Bar talking over a beer) said No Way Stress and that my BP readings would not be caused by stress alone, He said you need to get this checked out.

It is now 9 Months on and yes I am undergoing more tests, my Current Doctor (I diched the one that insisted I had stress) is considering that I have a phaeocryocytoma, a Tumor that sits on the adrenal gland.

I am still undergoing tests for this, over the next few days.

I am not convinced that she is right as 90% of people who suffer these suffer headaches and I can't remember the last time I had one, must be years ago.

Recently other symptoms have crept in a tingling sensation between my shoulder blades each side of my spine that can cause me to litteraly have a body spasm, Looks a bit like I have Hick Ups or as if I have just shivered with a chill, when they come on they can become uncontrolable and is extremely emabarasing to others who are being too polite to ask why I am Jerking every 10 seconds. At best my right hand continualy shakes.

The right hand side of my oesophagus has gone numb or feels like that certainly not normal, almost where it connects to my stomach. I have to take Lansoprazole and have done for years as if I don't I would literaly be vomiting acid.

What I am wandering has anyone had anything similar who could share there experience or point me in the right direction of a more likely diagnosis. Personaly I think it is connected to my stomach problem as it feels inflamed. My Doctor says that it would be unlickley as the symtoms don't point to it. I constantly feel the need to swallow air and belch it back up as if I might connect to the swollen area. Bizzare I know.

What I do know is that whatever it is, is not going to go away it is going to get worse so I am looking for some guidance, I have told my GP that I will pay privately to do whatever it takes to get an accurate diagnosis, I don't think I will be here in another six months if we don't get to the bottom of it as my condition is worsening by the day.

Thanks in advance for any light anyone can shed.


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  • Hello and Welcome aboard-You seem to be sharing symptoms with Jad (Just a Dad) and Me (Eatafruit78).I would recommend you reading some ugoing conversations- specially Jad's thread as it is very current and compelling. He suffers from the highblood pressure but he is very debilitated. I suffered from nasty gastric spasms that would produce shocking, air belching and a lot of sad symptoms even when I did not eat anything.We have come a long way and we have been sharing all our findings.There is so much for you to do :)-Good News! You are not alone and there are treatments available.Your former doctor who suggested stress- was a tad too simplistic that's why he accomplished nothing. My doctor did not suggest anything- she just did rehab on me and I alone found my own path to personal growth, w//o any guidance!So if it is stress or something else, you are most likely to be find out pretty soon.Make sure you jot down the names of the books and treatments we are using.Good luck and stick around.Sincerely,Maribel.
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  • http://forums.wrongdiagnosis.com/showthread.php?t=9052http://forums.wrongdiagnosis.com/showthread.php?t=7286&highlight=Liva
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  • PLEASE visit www.ahummingbirdsguide.com If you've looked at the site, I sound like a broken record...trouble is so many on this site with simliar symptoms none can get a diagnosisdoctors don't believe in itdocs pass us around because they don't know they told me stress tooI'm a nurse, granted...but I function quite well even in the most stressful of situations it is neurologicalpossible autoimmuneaffects cardiacgastrointestinalrespiratoryhormaonlendocrinemusculo-skeletalyou could have 1 symptom or 100 and still have it Read where I've posted...you'll see what I mean
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  • please know I was headed in the direction of MENII...which included PHAEOCHROMOCYTOMA---HYPERPARATHYROIDISM-MEDULLARY THYROID CARCINOMA it appears that wasn't correct eitherneither was Carcinoid Syndromeneither was Chron'sneither was peri-menopause PLEASE visit www.ahummingbirdsguide.com look around the site where I've posted...you will see the coincidences.........Godspeed.mommy cat
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  • Adam,What meds are you currently taking? Did they check your liver and gallbladder function? Have you had your potassium/sodium levels checked? Cholesterol? Sounds liver related to me, but am not sure. The spasms can be directly related to medication, so I am asking about your meds because most docs don't get this connection:confused: . Have you had your test results back concerning your adrenals? Best wishesDOM
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