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82 year old mother diarrhea and sleepiness

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  • Posted By: paradiselost
  • April 9, 2008
  • 06:07 AM

Hello my 82 year old mother has since sunday become extremly sleepy and has diarrhea although not consistant. I took her to the doctor and he took blood and said it was either virus or mini stroke and he would let me know . When I called back to find out results the nurse told me everything was normal but her sugar was high 238 to be exact but that was it I was told nothing they could see and maybe she had a flu. She has diabetes type II and takes medicine for it and it might have been missed in the morning that day of the doctor because it was hard to wake her up for anything I had to sit her up to feed her and she just seems so sickly. She has never been the lay around type person she is usually doing something and she never sleeps all day she is an early riser. It's going on 4 days she has been lethargic each day only getting up to go to the bathroom and when I wake her to eat and take medicine. It definatly seems as though something is wrong with her and I plan to seek a second opinion. A few weeks ago she could not control the diarrhea and it happened again yesterday. She did not feel sick or sleepy when it happened a few weeks ago but now she has a hard time getting up and when she is up all she wants to do is lay down. I understand she is sick and needs to rest but the doctor said he could not see anything wrong with her. I have been trying to keep her drinking water to keep from dehydration but she keeps resisting saying it makes her have to go to the bathroom constantly even though she is on detrol which apparently does not work so well anymore. I do not understand why her doctor says there is nothing wrong and other then speculating the day we went about a virus has since said he can't find anything. She is obviously sick and I am taking as best care of her that I can but I am worried her doctor could not tell me anything. If anyone knows of any sickness that just makes you extremely sleepy and diarrhea could you please let me know I would appreciate it. Thank you very much for your time.

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  • Tell her you are taking her to the hospital if she refuses fluids; you can't be responsible.
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  • Viruses or food piosoning could lead to these symptoms. But the most important thing with someone your mothers age is to make sure they don't get dehydrated as this is very serious in the very young or old. Dehydration is due to a lack of water, sugar and salts in the body. You can get rehydrating sachets from the pharmacist that you add to water - but if you do this talk to your pharmacist or Dr before giving her them as your mum is diabetic.
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  • Thank you for your responses I was very careful to make sure she did not become dehydrated while she was ill with what is still a mystery illness. She has recovered quite a bit but she seems slightly different at this time like she is having a hard time remebering only some things but eventually she does remeber and she is still sleeping a bit more then usual but no where near as much as before. She might just be having a slow recovery or her medicine is really making things worse. I am taking her to the doctor this week and he will refer her for an MRI to make sure it was not a ministroke and we will be discussing new medicine all around for ger because the medicne he has her on now seems to be a higher risk for elderly stroke and all kinds of terrible side effects. Thank you very much for your help and concern I appreciate the time you took to respond and even though things are definatly looking better we are still not out of the woods yet.
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  • Sounds like she contracted a GI infection of some sort. Ask the doctor to perform this test ::: http://www.webmd.com/a-to-z-guides/stool-culture
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  • Thank you for your reply ,she is at this time seemingly recovering from whatever it was. All her doctor said is it could be some kind of flu because the flu shots did not exactly work this year. I really want to get her a geriatrics doctor but she says she is too old to switch doctors and the one she has now is ok. I personally think he does not take her age in account alot especially with the medicine he prescibes her more then once I had to point out that her father and mother both died of stroke and any medicine he gives her should not be high risk for strokes especially in elderly or possibly burn a hole in her stomach. I just do not think he cares what might actually be best for someone her age he just gives what he gives until you speak up more then once about it. I hate to put my foot down about it I never want to try to make her do something she does not feel comfortable with. Her current doctor gave her a prescription for an MRI and suggested maybe seeing a neurologist because at first he thought maybe it was a ministroke because of the lethargy. So we will get her an MRI this week and try that path and when we return to her daocot in the first week ofMay I will ask him to do the stool test because even though the she is not sleeping all day everyday like she was she still occasionally has diarrhea more then she should and seems alot more fragile. Again thank you for your reply much appreciated.
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