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7 years of fatigue, now losing weight and stomach problems

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • May 7, 2011
  • 01:14 AM

(skip to the end for recent symptoms)
its hard to know what is related to what or if every symptom is the cause of one thing or several. im 27 years old, 115kg (250lb), 6' tall
first possible symptom is depression. have been depressed since puberty. got glandular fever (mono i think americans call it) at 19 and that started the fatigue. was incredibly bad at first, spent most of the day on the couch. began being treated for depression at 20 and it helped the fatigue somewhat. worked a nightshift job and took plenty of amphetamines from 20 to 23. after a particular hard night and day on drugs i get sick for 2 weeks, worst fatigue i have ever experienced. cant walk down the street without sweating, about to drop and very pale and clammy. blood tests done but it slowly goes away without explanation. hemorrhoid randomly appears out of nowhere at the same time, pain (in what ive been told the bowel) lower left abdomen, especially when bloated and when laying on my back. able to feel a little better with exercise and good diet. mucus in stool since about 18 years old.
stop night shift at 23, do fulltime work on and off until 25. office job at 25, start falling asleep at my desk and fatigue getting worse, quit fulltime work and start subcontracting from home. gallstones and gallbladder removed at 26. had colonoscopy, nothing showed up.
see a psych because no amount of blood tests or doctors can figure out whats going wrong and just assume the fatigue is psychological. try about 5 different antidepressants, including pristiq, nardil (i cant even remember the others) start getting almost every side effect and have to stop. during taking nardil in january this year i start losing weight (i was 135kg/300lbs) because the nardil makes everything taste like ash and it feels like im on amphetamines, almost like ketamine. slowly get my appetite back after 2 weeks and surprisingly makes anything healthy taste amazing and i lose 5kg/10lbs.

stop nardil in february, 2-4 weeks of withdrawal. any feeling of needing to eat healthy disappears. nausea from withdrawal doesnt go away. its now May and having constant stomach problems. have been given another antidepressant similar to nardil but VERY hesitant to take it (had gastroscopy, waiting for results). i wake up in the morning feeling like someone has been punching me in the gut all night. if i wake up at night from something its hard to get back to sleep because of stomach ache/nausea. stomach feels sore (upper left abdomen).
constant headaches.
cant drink alcohol at all, makes me feel incredibly sick. cant eat a full meal, i get full after half a sandwich. one night i drank half a bottle of wine and had 1 small sized meal and entree and went to bed at 9.30 and slept for 13 hours and felt awful.
lots of reflux and burping, even after bread.
hip, knee and ankle joint paint, swollen ankles, but not sure if thats contributed to tearing the ligaments in my ankles (but did this 5 years ago).
whenever i do any sort of exercise, house cleaning, grocery shopping, it exhausts me and most of the time i end up having to go to bed and dont wake up for hours.
sleeping incredibly heavily at night and i've always been a light sleeper. have always had bad circulation. had a blood test a few months ago and liver function slightly abnormal.
occasional mild pain directly opposite on my right, lower side - a lot of random abdominal pains all over, from brief shooting pains to random aches.
had thyroid, parathyroid, liver, white cells etc all tested last week, all normal except white cells slightly high - and thats the funny thing, it ALWAYS is. had fever randomly for a few days last week, only flu like symptom. they always say "you have an infection somewhere" because of the elevated white cell count. have had low iron since 26.
i have been out of work for over a month and going crazy. marriage is dying because i see my partner go to the gym and be happy and i just melt down. maybe everything will keep getting worse until something shows.
surgeon suggested something auto immune.
ive lost nearly 20kg(44lbs) and only about 1/4 of that was due to healthy eating for a month or two earlier this year because of nardil. ive tried for 7 years to lose weight, but its not worth it not being able to work or my marriage going down the drain.

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