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7 year old vomits in the night

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • July 16, 2008
  • 01:51 PM

For the last week (on and off), my 7 year old son wakes up in the middle of the night to vomit. Some of it is undigested (but this averages about 5 hours after he ate dinner), then it it followed by vomiting mucus-some of it "bubbly". When he is vomiting the mucus, he occasionally burps and belches. He says it hurts in the abdominal area. No specific area-just all over (in the area under the belly button). He does not have a fever. When he wakes up in the morning, he is hungry and gets on with the day and is completely fine, is active, has an appetite, does not have any pain.Last November, he had a week long period where he was "backed up" (so to speak). The peditrician put him on a laxative which helped. He occasionally has a period every so many months where this happens. It is not the case now-his bowel movements are fine. I have added benefiber for children to some of his food and that has helped with thisituation. We dont eat alot of junk in our home, so I dont know why he would have this. He cant eat alot of fresh fruit however, due to seasonal allergies. He has many tree allergies and cant consume the fruits from those trees as it will cause his mouth to itch. This has been confirmed by our allergist. If anyone has any similar experiences, please let me know. We are going to the pediatrician today and will plan on seeing a ped. gastroenterologist as well as the allergist. (Im thinking food intolerance? or maybe acid reflux?)

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  • If you have ruled out food poisoning, then you may want to get a referral to a neurologist if it continues. On the TV show, Mysterious Diagnosis, a little girl began to do that at night. Her first tests did not show epilepsy but then they wired her up to observe her at night and put a camera on her. She had a very rare form of epilepsy that happens at night. It took a rare type of specialist who was familiar with that type of seizure activity.
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  • Thank you for your reply.We saw the pediatrician today. He had a blood test to check for h pylori and for food allergies and sensitivites. He is also going to be checked for lactose intolerence. The pediatrician thinks it could possibly be acid reflux. If nothing comes of all this, I will definately keep the siezure disorder/epilepsy in mind and pursue the neurologist.Thank you.
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  • that other mother went that route at first and had the child on meds for acid reflux...it went on and on to so many digestion specialists; I wish we could get a transcript for you. Maybe you could check that out if this continues. Of course, we hope it's just an allergy but you need to know as soon as possible and not drag it on for months like the one mom was put through...
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  • I'm glad you saw the doctor today; the other mother began that route with the acid reflux seeing one specialist after another for it. I wish you could get a transcript of that Mysterious Diagnosis show. I hope it's just an allergy. Take care..
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  • Does he sweat when this happens? children can have night sweats too. When I was ill, I had them so bad that it turned my stomach and I would PROJECTILE vomit with alot of force. I highly suggest NAET or BioSET therapy as a way to resolve allergies. I had over 70 symptoms and was dying. My organs/glands were shutting down. After BioSET, I am now normal, healthy and happy. It even changed my lab values/blood tests. My doc is very impressed with this therapy and it's end results. He has never seen a patient RECOVER or be CURED from CFS and Fibromyalgia... but I am!!!! God Bless you and yours mommy cat
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  • i'd go and talk to someone about it
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  • Noctural emesis means night vomitng. Allergy can cause this: "Chronic cough and bronchial asthma are quite common. Indeed, over 85% of these children are allergic to the dust mite (Cook). Feeding irregularities, colic, bloating, and nocturnal emesis are also potential signs of childhood allergy. Finally, atopic dermatitis, urticaria, and eczema are also presenting signs of an allergic diathesis in the child." Try here: http://www.utmb.edu/otoref/Grnds/Ped-sinusitis-0005/Ped-sinusitis-0005.htm
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  • Thank you all for your replies. We got the results from the blood tests. H-pylori was negative. He does have food allergies-wheat, corn, peanuts, walnuts, egg whites, oranges, soy, celery and tomatoes. Whew! His allergies are in the moderate range meaning they are not severe enough to cause anaphalaxis but definately enough to cause a disruption in the digestive system. So he has been consuming all of this food and it has been having various effects on his tummy. We are going to see a nutritionist for guidance. Mommycat, could you please explain the NAET and BioSet therapies? I would like more info. Yes, my son sweats alot not only at night but sometimes during the day. The nighttime vomit is not a nightly event but it was becoming unusually frequent.
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  • www.naet.com www.bioset.net 2 ways to help your child. best wishes mommy cat
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  • www.naet.com www.bioset.net 2 ways to help your child. best wishes mommy cat Yes, NAET is awesome - welcome back Mommy Cat!:) If your doc finds an allergy or intolerance, NAET can help remove that allergy in a noninvasive and very effective way. Please do research it. Best wishesDOM
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  • acuann, THANK YOU!! I have been so busy being back to work full time and referring as well as convincing others about everything I've learned. There is alot. Glad to see some familir faces (names..LOL) around here.:D Glad to see you are still at it!! How's things with you lady? I hope others are taking the advice. I've realized what is making everyone sick and that NAET and BioSET are the only way to resolve it all. Western med has alot to learn from these folks!! Take Care and God Bless:) mommy cat
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  • I realize this is a late reply, but I came across this as I was researching for my daughter. I am no expert by any means and definitely not when it comes to children. I am an RN but I care for the adults However, when I read your message I noticed you wrote that your son's vomit was "bubbly". If the emesis (vomit) is yellowish and doesn't contain food, this is another sign that what I discovered might apply. While I've been researching, I discovered that that is a sign of hypoglycemia. Basically your son's blood sugar is getting too low at night. From what I have read, its best to give him a snack just before bedtime and have something available at night if he wakes up hungry. I also read that children usually grow out of this, so not to worry. I'm glad that you found out about his allergies. I have also read and discovered that children can grow out of those as well. I have a son that was extremely allergic to peanuts. He couldn't even be in the same room. However, he is now able to eat foods "made in the same factory" as nuts. Best of luck!
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  • My 7 year old son vomited late last night and he's fine now as well. The school says they have to be off 24 hours if they have vomiting and/or diarrhea so that's what I'm doing.My daughter who is 2 vomited late last night. She seems fine now. Should I send her to day care today or should I stay home with her?knee surgerytendonitis
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  • Well, if both kids vomited, this makes me curious as to what they might have eaten that either didn't agree with them or wasn't good to eat. However, usually food poisoning lasts for several hrs. I don't imagine it was that but just throwing it out there. They may also have a sensitivity or allergy to something. I don't imagine you would need to keep them home if they don't have fevers and they stopped vomitting. If theyOnly vomitted once I would just make sure they can keep food or liquids down Best of luck. MomRN
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  • can be a type of seizure. does he have a post ichtal state that you notice if you talk to him right after it happens?
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