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7 year old- NOT just ADHD

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • March 18, 2008
  • 09:15 PM

My seven year old son was recently diagnosed with ADHD, and after a lot of trial and error, he takes 20 mg Ritalin twice a day. I don't like giving him Ritalin, and in such high doses, but it really does take care of his noises and fidgets.
What distresses me is the other symptoms he has which makes me think that there is something else going on. He often gets "stuck" on his anger, that is the only way I know how to say it. You never know what will trigger it or when, and when he gets upset he will run from his teachers, try to hit his head, scratch, kick, bite, call himself names (I'm and idiot, or I'm a piece of crap), throw things, or say things like, "I don't deserve a prize," or "I guess you just don't love me." When he has these meltdowns, it almost seems like he is not there at all; he gets a faraway look in his eyes. Then, when he comes out of it, he always feels terrible. Once when he had a bad tantrum, he started cryingm saying, "I'm ashamed of myself," and "I'm a bad person."
I have two other children, both younger girls, and niether of them has any kind of behavioral problem. All my pergnancies and deliveries were normal, and I was not on any drugs. I like to think of myself as a good mother of average intellegence. The father if my son and older daughter is not in the house. He left when my son was three years old, taking them away from me and not allowing me visitation for three months. He then gave them back to me. I do not "bad-mouth" him or say anything negative about him to the children. He is, after all, their father. Since then, I have been in a steady relationship with the father of my youngest daughter. He accepts all my children, and does not show preferencial treatment to any of them.
I honestly cannot think of anything I could have done to make my son have such a hard time. Does this sound like any kind of behavioral disorder that anone can think of?
Thanks in advance.

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  • Im sure i have "borderline personality disorder" (I have it under control most of the time..but emotional upsets can really trigger me off)... and the way your son gets stuck in his emotions kind of makes me think of the way I get when Im upset! When Im upset.. I get right into that moment and can think of nothing else except the emotional pain Im feeling, (which I can feel quite severe). I will do things, act out..doing very over the top stuff, (This year with triggering events in different incidents, Ive ripped my hair out, glued my mouth shut with superglue and also bleed myself. A few weeks back, I yelled at a poor guy at a service station.. cause I got upset while there. I caused quite a scene..yelling loudly from the doorway as he tried to serve other customers right on opposite side of the building and he wasnt even the thing there which had upset me there. (an hr later i went back and appoligised to the poor guy and took him a "sorry" present). I dont even know how much of my emotion was anger (thou I would of appeared real angry.. i just felt real upset. In the past Ive had a couple of suicide attempts when Ive gone very, very over the top with my upset or anger feel, during one of these mood swings), which later on (as soon as I come out from it) I will find very embarrassing (and feel terrible over my actions I did while I was "loosing it" cause i couldnt deal with my emotional state)... all cause something upset me at the time. These incidents (emotional triggered mood swing).. dont last long..somethings minutes..sometimes hrs... and then I'll be completely fine again, (as soon as Im over the emotion of the incident, Im fine again). Is your sons incidents short lived?? and then he's fine again?? I thou do keep rational thought during the incidents thou others may not realise that thou im not acting rationally, I do still know what im doing, thou I cant easily stop myself. (I know im acting stupidly etc.. and this can also, cause I know Im acting stupidly over the top, sometimes then also get annoyed with myself at the time so can like cause a snowballing affect)..... all due to the intense emotional pain Im feeling at the time and not being able to deal with the emotional well at all. My bad behaviour is just the only way I know how to cope (relieve some emotional pain at the time). Not much is known about borderline personality disorder but it is thought for many to be caused by emotional trauma in childhood (also may have a genetic component). If your son has something like this.. there is a special good behavioural therapy for this condition (but which takes years.. right now I cant think what it's called.. meds are also sometimes given (thou alone, they dont really do much for this condition). Borderline personality disorder often coexists with other "mental" problems. So maybe he has ADD but something like this on top??
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  • You are correct. You didn't say if he is receiving special education services or 504 services. The school could automatically put him on a 504 plan, but I am more inclined to think that he needs a full psychological evaluation and the team needs to determine what his conditions are. There are a few possibilities and will probably qualify under two categories: other health impairment for the adhd and then the other one he might also qualify for is health impaired if he is bi-polar; unless he's been sexually abused, he should not be qualified under Emotional Disability, but rather, the school does need to have him on a behavior plan even if he is a 504 child or special ed child, either way. They should be bringing in the behavior expert to work up a plan for him, and you can request that. He could have a learning disability if he is not on grade level, so he could qualify as specific learning disability along with the OHI. He may also need ocupational therapy, so request an evaluation (bad hand-writing???)..he can and should get 30 minutes of counseling a week at the school, too...If I were this little guy's mommy, I would take him to a neurologist and test him for tic disorders and if you have insurance, a psychiatrist to determine if he is bi-polar and/or autism spectrum, however a medical doctor could also state that. You are looking at a lot of special ed in your future, so get a sturdy notebook to keep all of the papers and chart his progress. There are also some developmental child medical doctor who will eliminate a lot of junk food and food dyes and urge you to cook healthier and also do great work ups if you have private insurance. There are a lot of natural things going on for adhd kids now a days--homeopathy, organics, acupuncture...art classes...and especially nutrition..The school has 60 days to finish the evals after you sign the papers. If he is already in special ed, print this up and request more evaluations/services and a new meeting. And finally, join a parent support group for adhd. Special Ed Teacher
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  • hi there sos orry to hear things are like they are for you at the moment.my Nephew was mis-diagnosed with adhd because of a few problems like fidgeting saying nonsense and irrelevant words sniffing his fingers and touching things amongst other things. after a battle with the gp they referred him for investigations and it turned out he had a mild form of turettes syndrome, but they did query a form of epilepsy too.not sure if this will help you but apparantly Drs can and do quite often give a diagnosis without proper investigation.good luck hope you get to the bottom of thingskind regardsGeebop1978
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  • You make think you are the only one that is going through this right now but its okay. I have heard of this before. It is an actually condtion. I actually think I have seen it on a few television shows showcased as well. Are you currently seeing a children psychologist? pyschatrist? who is maintaining ritalin levels? Neurologist even? You should discuss all these symptoms in length as they are all part of something bigger. I'm sorry the name of the condition is alluding me at the moment. Try researching on the internet. Good luck!
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