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6 months agony- no diagnosis

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • October 19, 2008
  • 11:51 PM

To everyone here, I ask if you can shed some light on this issue I would be grateful!
My doctors have tried very hard to find a diagnosis without success.

The following experience has made my life unbearable for the past 6 months- every hour of every day.

myself: 26 year old male

Symptoms: unbearable constant 24 hour abdominal pain covering a wide area, from deep inside the pit of my stomach under my rib cage, and all low around the belly button. It is tender to press on, and feels like a 'tightness' or 'hollowness', like a 'fist'. It is Nothing like my gerd/heartburn pain.

It is literally 24 hours a day and completely unrelieved by any medications! No luck with analgesics, antispasmotics, antidepressants. xanax helps me ignore it only slightly.

The pattern of the pain is unchanged by food or use of my bowels.

It is associated with a constant nausea that never passes. I vomit most mornings and my stomach feels tight like it has been twisted.

I have had diarrhoea and gerd for 5 years. taking rabeprazole.

I have had some similar previous episodes - one in 2003 for right lower constant pain (appendix removed, no change) and a right lower pain flare in january this year (normal CT enterography)

Colonoscopy and endoscopy essentially normal (however this was when I was asymptomatic). H pylori negative. "lymphoid hyperplasia of terminal ileum" (normal biopsies). Short segment barrett's.

Normal upper GI series and CT head.

haematology, inflammatory markers, B12, electrolytes, ultrasound of abdomen, lipase and amylase, B12, folate all normal. normal chronigranin, gastrin, calcitonin, urine 5HIAA and metenephrines.

Stool exams normal except for one that showed a small number of white cells. no blood or parasites.

No fever, sweats, weight loss.

My life is miserable. anxiety is a significant issue. I also have osteoporosis of unknown cause, borderline low testosterone.

My concerns are an undiagnosed spinal tumor causing referred pain to the abdomen, or crohn's disease in the small bowel. Any other suggestions you have would be valuable!



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  • I know that it is not any big help, but have you thought of having loads of probiotics on a daily basis? If it would relieve the symptoms a little, then you would know that it's bowel-related and has to do with bacterial flora. Just a thought. Good luck!
    Felsen 510 Replies
    • October 20, 2008
    • 05:23 PM
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  • Have you been tested for celiac disease? http://digestive.niddk.nih.gov/ddiseases/pubs/celiac/
    aquila 1263 Replies
    • October 20, 2008
    • 07:09 PM
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  • Your osteoporosis is due to your low testosterone levels. as for the abdominal pain, could also be caused by an anxiety physical manifestation. There is a Dr on the east coast, his name is Dr. Habbas, I think in new york or New jersey... google his name, he can help you. Trust me.
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • October 21, 2008
    • 00:15 AM
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  • Thankyou for the above. yes I have been on probiotics for months, and I have been tested for celiac as well- no luck there!Losing hope
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • October 21, 2008
    • 04:13 AM
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