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6 doctors, no dianosis!! Please help!!!

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  • Posted By: undiagnosed914
  • March 5, 2009
  • 06:27 AM

For the past 8 months, my health slowly but surely plummets everyday. Everything started out with a random fast heartrate and low bp when I am just sitting or standing. I was also getting extreme chest pain right under my left breast which would shoot down my left arm down to my fingers which would tingle as well. My abdomen would have shooting pains everywhere. I saw a gyno, they did an ultrasound and a laparoscopy but all they found was a little fluid around my ovaries and behind my cervix. I started getting dizzy all the time, nauseous and more stomach pains. I was having diarrhea for one week then consipation for another week. I had a colonoscopy which showed nothing, an upper endoscopy which only showed a little inflammation, but the doctor said it was nothing to worry about. I then did a capsule endoscopy which only three tiny ulcers were found. The doctors said that it was not a big deal and put me on some steriods because I was also having mouth uclers on my gums and my tongue. He said I only had a pre cursor for crohns. He also said that those ulcers would not be causing me that type of pain. For 6 months now I have had EXCRUCIATING pain where my gall bladder and liver are located, and they said possibly a muscle pull, but that hurting for that long and me not even moving when it starts pulsating and stabbing?? They had an ultrasound which again showed nothing! Now for the past few months I wake up every night with the worse headaches on the top of my head, to where I run to the bathroom to vomit. I also am having tons a vaginal discharge and pain there randomly or when I am sexually active, but all std tests came back negative, hiv tests negative. ultrasounds again normal. The most recent problems have been my eye sight slowly getting worse, I just got glasses but they do not help anymore. The headaches are getting worse. This past monday in the after noon at my work, I felt this sharp pain on the left side of my head a little farther back than my temple and there was actually a lump there I could even brush my hair away, I got dizzy, vertigo and my left side of my face, my arm, and my leg went numb! I went to the hospital and the ct scan was normal. My neurologist ordered an mri of my brain and my neck and that was normal!! Everything just gets worse everyday. I am extremely tired, never hungry, my arms and legs feel like there are anchors tied to them. Is there something we are missing!!! Anyone have any ideas!!!

ALSO I get these electric shock pains all over my body randomly. It feels almost like a static cling shock sometimes like I am getting a shot. I have had it in my abdomen,back, legs, toes, fingers, face, neck, chest, ears, and also in my vaginal and anal areas. It literally stops me in my tracks. My jaw also hurts alot as well. I have been having awful mood swings too. I get so angry!! I use to cry all the time, and its like my emotions are gone except for the anger that comes out of no where.

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  • 1 ) How much do you sleep at night. (If less than 6 hrs what keeps you awake?)2) Has a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis been ruled out by your neurologist?3) Have you had formal eye testing? i.e. does a pin-hole make your vision better?
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  • Research POTS syndrome, or dysautonomia.
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  • What labwork have you had and what did it show?Are you on any meds?
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  • Have you ever had your thyroid checked ? MRI or CT scans of the brain to look at your thyroid might be a good idea. I think perhaps too a referral to a neurologist might be a good idea.Best of luck, I do hope you find answers. Samanthahttp://www.undiagnosedillness.org
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