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5 years of stomach\abdominal pain - Please help

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  • Posted By: Taltal
  • September 4, 2012
  • 11:51 AM

Hello all.
First I would like to apologize for my lack of grammer and\or correct languge, as I live in israel and this is not my native languge. Also, I am only (almost) 15. I am quite sure that English and Hebrew are are not very similar when it comes to m edical terms, but I'll try my best. Please do your best to understand me.

So I would do a quick walkthrough of my condition, since this is my first time posting anything here, I will need some help with you questioning me.

So it all started 5-6 years ago. I had really bad upper stomach ache, which was a (don't know nor find the word) sort of a wound in the Duodenum.
I got treated with Losak for around 5 month, it went away.
After that, the pain started spreading all along the stomach and abdominal. I quite regulary have what I call seizures, where I drop on the floor, I FEEL very hot, I am sweating, holding my stomach, lying in baby posture, just screaming and crying from the amount of pain.

I had had yet another colonoscopia (Stomach only, from the mouth). I got tested for Elicubactor, Celiak, Crohn or Cohn, I really don't know how it is spelled, worms. I had around 4 different diets, including only rice, veggies, and water. I am currently taking Cod Akamol (it is a pain killer like aspirin, combines with Codain). I am meeting a specialist regulary. He can't find anything. I went in a different direction while remaining in the conventional medicine. I am getting some weeds to swallow as pills, 25 billion Probiotics, and I drink some stuff for Kidney, a rupture in the intestins, and balancing stuff in my stumech, aswell and some cleansing weeds, aswell as having a very strict diet of veggies, whole bread, rice, eggs, tea, and apples.
My pain is divided for two parts, the upper and lower stomach. When I say upper is just below the ribs, and lower is above the pubic area (I hope that's not rude to say).
If I try to imagin the pain it is like a baby fist sized steel ball with pins sticking out of it, sitting in my stomach, where the food is being digested.
I am still taking losak, it helps abit. I am also quite dizzy around all the time. I also feel sick, as of wanting and almost throwing up, and when I don't eat for more than a couple of hours I as if acid was bubbling in there.
The lower stomach pain, just above the pubic area, is imagined as of blades are stuck in there, and when i have a seizure, as if someone took my intestins, and just pull them in different directions, while turning it very hard.
I cannot live like this anymore. I haven't been to school for around 4 years because of this. I have tried everything, please h elp me...
I reall'y cant think of any regular test I haven't done yet. The doctor is not helping, the weed is not helping aswell. I am practicly living on addictive painkillers.
I beg someone to help me get rid of this.
Thank you so much in advance. Please feel free to ask any questions.
Oh, and I empty my intestins regulary, every day. The last week it was 1 every 3 days, but regulary it is ok. No hard poop, only rarley, and sometimes I have dieriah.
I was diagnosed for anxiety and dupression, as you might have guessed. I am on one of those pills, can't remember the name.
Also, I am lactose intolerant, and if I eat beef I get a seizure.

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  • Anyone? Please?Also, in the past month, I am having alot of dizzyness. Sometimes I have to hang on something to not fall down. It comes with blurred vision aswell.
    Taltal 2 Replies
    • September 5, 2012
    • 04:58 PM
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  • I replyed to this but I do not see my reply. My daughter has had similar issues over the last few years. After multiple CTs, Ultrasounds, Capsule CTs, Xrays, colonoscopy and an abundance of tests they would diagnose her with all kinds of things IBS as one of them. This weekend she started experiencing some pain in her right side it has always been on her left. She was in agony on the way home she went to the ER and they again ran more tests. They thought her appendix needed to come out. They admitted her and the surgeon did surgery the next day. He told us the appendix was large but he had found a urachal Cyst on her umbilical and it was also twisted pulling the left side (where she has had pain for a long time). He removed it and said this is probably the reason she has had so many issues, everything else looked great. His explorative surgery and her appendix acting up has finally given her a diagnosis and a cure. She had tears of joy. She thought all of these doctors thought it was in her head. She said she also had a weird sensation when she pushed on her belly button. None of this ever showed up in the array of tests that she has endured over the years. Of course it makes you depressed and causes anxiety. No ones knows how your body feels except for you and it can be very frustrating when no one is listening. Be your own advocate and insist they do more for you. I hope this helps and that they figure out what is causing you so much pain. The best of luck to you.
    lmbwing 6 Replies
    • September 5, 2012
    • 07:42 PM
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  • Why is no one responding?Also, latley I get dizzy quite alot to the point that I have to hold on to something in order to not fall.
    Taltal 2 Replies
    • September 6, 2012
    • 10:49 AM
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  • I also have stomach trouble which is undiagnosed (for eighteen months). Mine started with terrible allergies which I had assumed were to pollen and dust. Out of desperation, I changed my diet and stopped drinking black tea, coffee, alcohol, and anything with butter or gluten (wheat, bread, pasta, barley). That helped quite a bit, but it took me six months to realized that I had developed histamine intolerance (histadelia). Now I have a huge list of foods that I need to stay away from (black tea is the worst). This is in addition to corn, wheat and all gluten containing foods -- that I still need to avoid. I still don't have a diagnosis as to why I have sudden onset of food allergies. In addition, I now take Tums (calcium carbonate) with every meal to avoid terrible stomach pain. You say you a are taking losec (omeprazole). ( In the U.S. it is called Prilosec.) It is easy to build up a tolerance to protein uptake inhibitors. If the Losec is not helping, you might try powdered calcium carbonate. Tums (also calcium carbonate) has artificial colors in it which some people can be allergic to. Please let me know if you have a diagnosis. I'm very short of breath and am also desperate for a diagnosis. (I have pre-existing COPD which has gotten worse because of my stomach and digestive problems). I'm getting a CAT scan soon to rule out a gastrinoma (a gastrin producing tumor)
    gsh1104 1 Replies
    • September 19, 2012
    • 02:08 PM
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  • Did you ever find any answers to this? I have had almost identical problems.... and have done what you did.... but no endometriosis or cysts detected.... I would love to know what worked for you.... Anyone else with any additional thoughts?
    simplesage 1 Replies
    • September 28, 2012
    • 11:30 AM
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