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5 year fevers and profuse sweats

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  • Posted By: vibranthelen
  • February 23, 2008
  • 04:08 AM

Hi All,
I was an OR RN before I became severely ill with late stage neurologic lyme disease. I was dx late and even later was dx with several other tickborne diseases. I have suffered a great deal with suicidal level nerve pain, am 40% weaker on left side and have many other sx. I've been on IV antibiotic treatment several times and tx for the many other tickborne diseases I have. About 5 years ago I relapsed so severely I was bedridden for over 4 years. I developed a daily fever and profuse sweats upon any exertion at all. I do have babesiosis, a tick disease that is like malaria but have been aggressively tx. It is true that even the most literate lyme MD doesn't really know how long to treat these diseases but I can tell you that when I hear about so many MDs who say "4 weeks of antibiotics is enough for anybody" I am so saddened by their ignorance. If not for very aggrssive tx I would not be here today. Anyway, I see a GREAT lyme literate MD who is known all over the country. He still feels I may be treatment resistant to babesiosis but even just did tests for parasites (babesiosis is a parasite-it goes into red blood cells and kills them-it is very much like malaria) It is SO disabling to get SO hot and drip all over even just wiping off the kitchen counters etc. Has anyone ever heard of a 5 year fever? Just hoping somebody has any more ideas.

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  • Hi Blaze,Thankyou for the information. I can tell you that it is hellish. The typical person sees at least 10-15 MDs before a dx od tickborne diseases and they call lyme the great imitator because it is. It can affect anything from psychiatric problems to just about any body system and MOST people get more than just lyme with one tiny tick bite-co-infections-many other tickborne diseases. I feel for you too. If you need to vent to me, I'll try to respond. My husband uses the computer all the time for his business but I try and get on every other day or so. I WISH I could work but cannot as an RN or anything else. My husband was downsized from corporate America at 54 and after 30+ interviews he went into a imousine business and even after investigating it with every expert he is dealing with a completely immoral partner and MUST find another job with benefits. We had so many astronomical medical bills due to the fact that the ***n insurance companies would not cover much needed IV treatment longer than 4 weeks for all 4 of us especially me-the very sickest. We finally sold our home (our 5th) , declared bankruptcy and have gone through all life savings and rent. So hard to believe but chronic illness combined with job loss is deadly. We pray we get through every day while my husband now 58 continues to find another job so he can get away from this devil of a "partner". He has his MBA and a very impressive resume. He worked in the plastics field in marketing for 28 years combined. The stess is insurmountable. Not good for my condition to say the least. I pray someone gives him another chance. He is an extremely hard worker and healthy for now. God bless you.Love,Helen
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    • February 25, 2008
    • 00:29 AM
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