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5 weeks of tests and no diagnosis?

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • October 31, 2010
  • 08:38 PM

Whats wrong with my Dad? Please?
Ok my dad was admitted to hospital nearly 5 weeks ago. Presented with severe back and stomach pain, Also had some numbness slightly on his right side. In emergency room for 3 days, Was sent for a ct scan on abdomen, came back clear. He then collapsed in a&e, had then started to experience weakness on his right side, facial droop. Admitted to ward and next day we were told he had a stroke, Possibly a tia while in the a&e and then again later that night had a major one. We were all very upset - obviously. However, his condition worsened, his balance got worse, pain was still there and got very extreme.

We were then told after a number of test (head ct's, angiograms, mri's, neck thoracic scans, heart scans, echos and eventually lp) that he has Guillain Barre Syndrome and not stroke. Again, very upset, all the time he is in absolute agony and pain is getting worse all the time. To the point where he is screaming, delusional, crying. He is a very private man and would never usually behave like this. So they prescribed amitriptaline (sp?) for the pain and decided on an IVIG infusion treatment over 5 days. This was done and he has slightly improved a little, strength wise, but the pain has still persisted. His dosage of amitriptaline was increased and also prescribed tradol, paracetamol, oxynorm, morphine injections (prn).

He had another spinal mri done and they noticed small abscesses on the muscles of spine - the size of seeds embedding into the muscles is how they described them.

Last year my Dad had an abscess very high up in his rectum and he had this drained. They did an abdomen & pelvic CT to see if the pain was a result of recurring abscess causing infection. They said no sign on the scan. He remains in agony.

On one occassion a doctor said "we are tryin to find the cause of this sepsis". So we can presume he has sepsis. They put him on a triple dose antibiotic, 1 of which they changed 3 nights ago. He has also been seen by a Gastroenterologist, who said that wat is being done is all he would be doing!

He was told yesterday that he will be having a full petscan this week, looking for a missed diagnosis. All the time my Dad has himself worried sick that he is dying. He has lost nearly 3 stone since being admitted to hospital, he has no appetite, not sure of this is due to the pain, the worry, or the "infection". He is MRSA negative we were told, he does not have Meningitis. So here we are desperately thinking of a positive outcome while in reality I think we are all fearing the worst. Do you think the petscan on Monday will show up something terminal? Or do you have any suggestions as to where this infection could be coming from?

The docs have said nothing about looking for cancer in this pet scan but surely that is what they are looking for? Or is a pet scan helpful to look for an infection that is causing the sepsis which is in turn causing these small abscesses near spine?

Apologies for such a long post and thanks for taking the time to read it all.

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