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4 years of sharp calf pain

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • October 31, 2006
  • 02:50 AM

For almost four years I've experienced daily episodes of 30 seconds to 2 minute worth of bursts of pain in the back of my left calf muscle. The pain feels like it's inside the muscle, though not too deep, fairly close to the surface.

It's incredibly painful and the pain travels up the scale very quickly (close to a nine) and then down again within a short period. I've recently started having pain and swelling around my left knee, although the pain is pronounced behind the knee.

Pressure on my hip, thigh and back position seem to instigate the pain, but it usually doesn't matter what I'm doing. Similarly, changing those variables sometimes offers relief, but most times it does nothing.

I've seen a number of specialists, had MRI's on the calf, X-rays of my entire leg, bone scans, etc. and no one seems to have the slightest idea. Any and all answers or ideas would be welcome.

Thank you for your time,
Andrew K.

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  • I have had the same problem with my right leg. not so much swelling of the knee but the same pains. I also have been trying to find out what is wrong without much luck.Julian
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  • Is it similar to a leg cramp?
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  • I'm going through the same thing at this time though my pain affects both the muscle as well as the shin. At any rate, have you seen a vascular surgeon who can do an angiogram on the leg? This is to test for popiliteal (sp?) entrapment syndrome as well as to test for any small cysts or clots in your arteries and veins. Also, I assume from the fact that you've had a bone scan that you're seeing an orthopedic surgeon, correct? If so, have them test for chronic exertion compartment syndrome. I'm currently waiting for my bone scan results and my umpteenth MRI result, but after that, I told my surgeon to test for compartment syndrome. There's a type of compartment syndrome that comes from suffering trauma to the area... that's the Acute version. Then there's the Chronic version which could come from a variety of areas including going from not exercising in a long time to going to full blown out exercise and things like that. Anyway, from what I hear, the test is basically sticking needles with pressure readers in three parts of your legs. If the pressure is too high, then you may have it and it is curable. Anyway, good luck and keep us posted!
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    • August 17, 2007
    • 06:05 PM
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  • Might be low on potasium. That seemed to clear up my sudden calf pain. (Taking potasium that is)
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  • Try a really good electrolite supplement daily.
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  • Ditto to the above posters... could be a potassium or magnesium issue, try magnesium chloride (not mag oxide) or some other good magnesium.
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