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4 years & no answer please help

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  • Posted By: gemma_frost161
  • May 28, 2008
  • 00:35 PM

hi,it all started 4years ago when i started to have stomach pains,the doc said i could be pregnant,did test and i was so i put the pain down to that, during pregnancy still had the pain but thought nothing of it,baby born fine and healthy and put the pain down to my body getting back to normal,few months later still had the pains so took test and was pregnant again so i thought it was due to that,after baby born fine n healthy again was having pains but put it down to my body getting back to normal again,i was still getting them and they got worse,kept going to doc and they just gave me painkillers then this sachet powder stuff (cant remember what its called)then tablets for ibs (dint have ibs)by this time i had the pain 3years,they eventually referred me to hospital as they thought i had endometriosis,i had a laproscopy 6-9months later and they said i dint have that condition and they dont know why i was in pain, i fell pregnant so they discharged me from hospital,had a stressfull pregnancy from 15weeks pregnant started having problems, after the birth i was in immense pain but put it down to the afterpains from the birth, i was still getting the pain quite bad,the pain felt like it was coming from my fallopian tubes and womb area and now there is blood in my urine,sometimes its bad so i have to have a pad down below,the doc gave me some tablets and a smear test but the test came back normal and tablets dint work, i now cant lie on my front in bed as my stomach hurts,i have trouble sleeping,feel exhausted and week,had blood test that came back normal so im really puzzled, after my second child i lost alot of weight and i wasnt trying to,so cant explain that either, ive been told i look like ive lost alot of weight from the birth of my last child,and ive not tried to either
can anyone explain what this could be that ive experienced for so long? can anyone please help?

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  • blood in your urine may indicate a UTI, bladder infection and other problems including those that effec the kidneys.... it can go to your kidneys if you are not careful. I would see a Urologist SOON! Be sure to get blood work and ultra sound and you may need x-ray... Write down your symptoms and the timeline and give it to the doctor when you go. That will help him to help you....
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  • thanx for message,i can remember having urine test for infections and that came back clear (cant remember when i had it done) i also had a blood test to check my thyroid,liver and kidneys and they came back clear, had it done at doctors and they sent it to the hospital, the same hospital that failed to diagnose one of my family members with cancer when she had blood tests done checking for cancer,they said her blood was fine,she had a scan and found cancer in most parts of body and is termiley ill, should i have the tests done again,just incase they did miss something?
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  • also i forgot to mention that my hair has been falling out for about 3 years now,i cant see any bold patches on my head but its bad when i wash my hair,there is lots in the bath and when i brush my hair its on my tops,not sure what is causing this aswell as the other stuff i have wrong
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  • i am now experiencing headaches,i have been getting them everyday for the past few days,not sure if its linked with all the rest or if its cuz im not sleeping well
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  • You are now mentioning other symtpoms and they suggestendocrine issues (look this up if you don't understand) ------losing hair can be related to low estrogen and low thryoid to just name a FEW. Unrefreshing, or not sleeping can be thryoid or ovarin hormones as well..... Here is what I would do: 1. Research thryoid problems. Mary Shomon's site at About.com for thryoid issues is a good place to start. 2. See endocrinologist: thryoid - lots of time they say "normal" but by new lab ranges for "normal" it is not. Thorough checking of thryoid: FT4, FT3, TSH and the antibodies for Hashimotos and Graves (at the very least) 3. Research ovarian hormones and other "female" problems.... 4. Get a good GYN and get some blood work and good exam and perhaps including transvaginal ultrasound to looks for ovarian cysts, do pap, and other exam. Good GYN is the key...one who will listen and take your symtpoms seriously and try to help. Joan
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  • thankyou,i will do all the research first then present everthing i find to my doctor,then they should hopefully do something about it
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  • for the past couple of days my legs have felt like they was gonna give way for no reason,felt like i was gonna fall on floor,ive been doctors and told her and she just gave me a sick note and said she is not sure wht its happening,she checked blood pressure and that was fine and just told me to see her next week,she never mentioned what it could be that im experiencing,was wondering if anyone else had any kind of inkling????
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  • Hi. I just gave this web site to another poster about autoimmune disease...you may possible have one based on your symptoms. Go to this site and read it ....it is a fairly good overall description of autoimmune diseases....you may need to talk you your doctor and get more thorough blood testing. Joan Here is the address: http://www.4woman.gov/faq/autoimmune.htm
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  • hi,thanx just had a look and most my symptoms suggest i have graves disease (overactive thyroid) i will ask my doctor for blood test of the thyroid as that is what it said needs doing. thankyou again
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  • I had Graves Disease....I recovered! :)Joan
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  • hi,sorry to hear you had graves disease but am happy you recovered from it,can i ask when you was diagnosed with it,what did you have to do to recover?what sort of treatment did you have?
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  • well, I am Japan so the treatment for this is a bit different from the states....and what you chose to do.....if you have this desease...should be based on a very clear understanding of all your treatment options...I know this sounds vague, but the best to do, if you have this disease is REASEARCH it very carefully along with the treatment options. Joan
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  • hi thanx for message,im in the uk so the treatment over hear is likely to be completeley different from what people in the states and prop even in japan have on offer,i have to go back to doctors on tuesday,might try n get appointment for monday as now the top of my left hip is hurting,ive not banged or knocked it,it even hurts when i touch it so not sure why it is hurting,i know i havnt broke it as i would be in immense pain but my pain is not as bad as that,just gonna check it out,sorry for being thick but is there anything near the top of hip bone? is there anything like muscle,tissue ? etc... cuz it feels like im moving something when i hold it,it does hurt but still dont think its the bone,i think i might of done something next to the hip bone and thats why it hurts
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