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4 months of fatigue, red throat and sensitivity to light

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • April 19, 2011
  • 00:16 PM

So I'm a 16 year old male, previously in pretty good health (apart from the occasional cold or flu) up until about 4 months ago when I had a sudden onset of fatigue (noticed when I woke up one morning and arms/legs felt weak and shaky).

Pretty sure I don't have any immunodeficiency diseases like HIV/AIDS etc, not sexually active, no contact with blood, etc

Over these 4 months it's gotten slightly better but it's always noticeable - it's not bad enough to prevent me from doing most things that I would usually do but it's always extremely noticeable, if I use a bit more strength than normal (eg. carry something very heavy) my arms begin shaking, and just general weakness

Another big symptom that showed up at around the same time was the presence of a very red throat, but only *very* slightly sore (unnoticeable even when swallowing, unless I pay special attention, then I can feel a very very slight, almost ticklish sensation)
The throat's been red for all these months and has stayed along with the fatigue. No white pus or visible swelling or anything of the sort, it's just red. Had a throat culture, no pathogens detected after 48h incubation

The last symptom I noticed is that my eyes have become more sensitive to light - even looking straight up at the bright blue sky on a moderately sunny-ish day causes me to squint like crazy

I've had two blood tests done so far:

The first one about 3 weeks after the symptoms set in, so about 3 months ago
Things like blood glucose level, calcium, iron, etc are all normal, as well as red and white blood cell counts (in fact, my blood cell counts nearly *perfectly matched* up with the numbers recorded from a blood test I took 2 years ago, when I was perfectly healthy)

The one thing that was abnormal was my liver enzyme levels, I had ALT/AST levels of about 70-something and 60-something respectively.
Doctor suspected glandular fever, but EBV serology indicated I had past (not recent) exposure to EBV
Hepatitis A, B and C tests all came back negative

I had another blood test 1 month ago, which showed that my liver enzymes were back to normal (AST/ALT were both 20)

However the fatigue, light sensitivity and red throat are persisting and it's become a really big problem for me.

Any ideas? Would be extremely appreciated.

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  • Take care not to over do things while you still arent 100% as it sounds like it could possibly be a very minor case of ME/CFS. Symptoms you have there are quite classical ME ones. ME classically presents with viral symptoms (its thought to possibly be triggered by an unknown virus) and can be slow onset (so you may improve but then may be hit with it much worst). ME/CFS is far more common in women but occurs in rates equally in male and females when it comes to children. ME often can cause high liver enzymes as it appears something like a virus may be responsible for triggering off this illness. (I had high liver enzymes early in ME). I strongly suggest to get yourself some multi-vitamins (anything which helps ward off viruses or boosts immune system may be good at this point) .. and to rest whenever you need to. ............ http://wwcoco.com/cfids/bernesx.html symptoms of ME ................. by your nic I wonder if you are in Australia. If you are we do have ME/CFS an Australia wide association with state support groups and one of those could advise you of a good doctor to go to for possibly early ME. Here's the Sth Aust. ME site http://sacfs.asn.au/index.html (note if it is ME.. children have a better chance of overcoming the disease then adults and ME patients have more chance of recovery if they've had ME for less then a couple of years). Find yourself a good doctor who specialises in ME to have a consult with.
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