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4 months for a pap test and worried

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  • Posted By: mekomoo2
  • May 23, 2008
  • 01:49 AM

I live in manitoba canada, i went to my doctor to refer to me to a GYN and was informed that it will be a 4month wait even though i gave him my symptoms, I had trouble with birth controls i went on the shot and lets just say that my flow was a non stop even after i was off of it, during that time i would experience points of pain that would last a while they would be a pinch or a sharp pain sometimes for a few seconds to almost an hour, i have had abnormal pap tests before and always have been in right away but now after moving here i am waiting for 4 months.
The last time i went to my doctor he gave me the pill to control the bleeding which it did but i am experiencing pain on it still and its worse now because i am off for the week which i need to do with the pill and i have the worst heavy flow than i have ever seen i just dont know what to do and this is getting scary
More of my syptoms
abdominal pain
breast tenderness and soreness
the sharp pains it feels like a cramp in the cervix and vagina
lower back pain
HEAVY flow (pain gets worse then too)
chronic migraines which i have not had one since i was a child
for a while i thought i was pregnant and found out i wasnt

I dont know what to do, do i go to the emergency room during one of my sharp pains or and tell them please someone help i have gone to my doctor and complained about getting in and he hasnt done anything and i have gotten a second opinion i just dont want to wait any longer

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  • Try to see if you can see an acupuncturist to help with some of the symptoms until you can get in to see a specialist. You need to raise a fuss or you can always just go into the ER. You won't get the care you need at the ER. Your pap needs investigation; why is it abnormal? Was it HPV? If so, you need that frozen. The bleeding may be progesterone lacking but before they prescribe that, they usually do a uterine biopsy (and it hurts--take a pain med before that)...you also need a mammogram for the breast pain.Good luck...rasie a fuss. Ask the specialist to go on the cancellation list and tell tell them how much you need to see someone outside of ER.
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  • Sounds like you need to deal with a health system somehow...call your doctor and if you have to exagerate your symptoms do and tell him you cannot stand it and need to see him soon and if he doesn't it is to the point that for your own safety you think you have to go to the emergency room. If this does not "move" him, then go to the emergency room...have a list of symptoms and how long you have been suffering....WRITE IT DOWN...the doctor will appreciate it and you will get better treatment...take charge of your own health...no one else will! Good luck! Joan
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  • try iud after stopping bleeding it may be your best bet for birth control and if u cant see a dr soon go to the er
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  • You're in Canada,(i am too) Join Canlyme for information. Please take a look.www.canlyme.comFannie
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  • you need to go straight back to the doctors,if i was you keep doing it till they listen to you and do something about what you are experiencing.i live in uk and if i went doctors and they thought i needed a pap test,i would have one there straight away,there is no waiting lists that i know of in the uk for pap test,so i find it abit shocking that you have to wait 4months even though you had abnormal results in the past.can i ask.....have you checked your breasts?is there any lumps?any lumps under your arm (armpit area)your bleeding heavy down below,has the doctor gave you anything to try and stop the bleeding?did it work?is there any signs of blood in your urine?
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  • Hi there, I live in the UK also & gemma is right we can have a pap test quickly but when a problem is detected they will only repeat the test every 3 to 4months this is because of cell changes......well thats what they done with me. How long is it since u had ur last pap test done ? The other thing u should maybe look into is PID (Pelvic Inflamitory Disease) ur symptoms could fit this also. Kind regards :)
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