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31 years old male please help me

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  • Posted By: dickson
  • March 2, 2008
  • 06:27 AM

hello i need some advice please ......Ok listen to this story im haven promblems like .....when ever i make a sudden move or when i get excited or mad my whole entire body will stiff up like im haven a stroke or sezure,,,it will start in my feet a go all threw my hole body all my limbs will spasma up my hands an even my face.....But my muscle dont hurt at all its not like a charley horse....if i holding a lunch trey or anything an start walkin my body will stiffen up an my hands will curl up like im maken a muscle an i will drop what ever im holdin.....sound strange right ....But the spell only last for a couple of seconds,,,but it comes an gos about 30 times aday ,,,,An it started when i was 15years old .Now im 31 but the problem is alot worse,,most my docs said its anxiety but to me it feels worse than that ..but one doc put me on depakote i was on that an it work 90% of the time which was 3 years ago he took me of because of shaken side effects.....so now im on xanax.25 2 times aday but it does not work i had alot of test but they been neg..so i was hopeing that somebody can help figure this out please ...its effect my job an my famly im open to all suggeston .....did i menton i take magnessium still no better...an my muscle dont hurt at all who knows maybe it is ....social anxiety got to go im haven a musle/stiffen/spell now..thankyou.....HELP me................

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  • Have they looked in to stiff man syndrome?www.med.yale.edu/neurol/programs/neuromuscular/stiff_man.html - 22k -have you had an eeg?Does you breathing change during these episodes or does it stay the same?
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  • Have you been tested for MS or seizures? Hope you start feeling better soon.Teresa
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  • hey sounds like what i have.... i can't walk right away when i have been sitting for a long time..... i cant run at the sound of a gun.... i tense up when i am nervous..... excited.... anything really.. does anyone have it in your family?????my daughter has it and i think it is a little worse in her.... my dad had it... my uncles.... it is a hereditary thing..... i went to a doc and he told me that it might be steinert's disease (myotonio dystrophy) i am no doctor but maybe you want to check that out on the internet to see if your symptoms match....... hope you find what it is and keep me posted..... cya
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  • Have you been checked for narcolepsy? One of the symptoms is freezing up or falling down during times of excitement, or inappropriate laughter. I hope you find out what is wrong with you. Good luck.
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  • got test all test came back neg so the doctors thinks it all in my head but i know it not ...they thank its social anxiety but i dont thank anxiety would make my whole body freeze up like a sezure or drop things that im holding..its really bad when im sitten an somebody when somebody tell me to come to them my feet will spasma up then my whole body even my face then i will here a pop in my head..it will take 10seconds before this spell pass its so sad...and it make me mad ....like i told them this started at the age of 15...but now its worse an this xanax just dont work like the depakote did untill they took me off..well maybe i will get the right doc that would listen...but im still here for any suggestion from you guys ....and thanks for all the advice........please help me........
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  • get some extra good electrolites and check out your diet and fluid intake...you might be able to fix it with good nutrition and be sure to take the electrolites daily, along with a good calcium and magnesium..
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