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3 months of ***l (Gastro)

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • November 15, 2009
  • 08:12 AM

So about 3 months ago I came down with flu-ish symptoms. I was always very tired, I had blurred vision, everything hurt and I had really bad headaches. I had no diarrhea or vomiting, but every night when I would try to go to sleep my stomach would gurgle and churn like crazy with a lot of burping and ******g. On many occasions I would end up not sleeping.

This went on for about a month, wherein I pretty much didn't get out of bed. The closest thing I did to accomplishing anything in that time was washing my car, and that destroyed me for about 2 days.

Then it was time to go back to college for the fall. I tried as hard as I could to stick with it. During this time most of my flu-like symptoms had subsided. I just had a dull pain in my stomach and no appetite. It would get worse and gurgle like crazy and really ruin my day with almost no correlation between what I ate and how I felt.

I told my roommates that I was sick but since a lot of the time I felt almost completely fine except for the stomach ache and they started thinking I was a hypochondriac. I gave into peer pressure and spent a whole day drinking hard alcohol and taking some other stuff. The next day my stomach hurt so much that I ended up only sleeping 2 hours and hiked a couple miles the next morning to try to get my mind off the pain. When I got back to my room the pain was terrible. I literally felt like I was going to black out. I smoked as much weed as I could as fast as possible because that was the only pain killer that I had. I ended up laying in bed for about 5 hours keeled over in horrible agonizing pain weighing the option of whether or not I should go to the ER. I ended up driving 400 miles back to my house so that I could try to get diagnosed.

That was almost 2 months ago. So far I've been tested for giardia, lyme disease, and a bunch of other parasites. I've had an endoscopy where the biopsy showed nothing (including H. Pylori). I've also had blood samples taken, and my liver enzymes measured. Everything has turned out normal.

I really really thought I had Giardia. I went backpacking about 2 weeks before the symptoms started and swam in a lake that was right next to a horse trail. I definitely drank some of the water while I was swimming. I know that giardia can be very hard to detect depending on the method used. The only problem is that I'm not sure how they tested it. I know the antigen test is something like 90% accurate, while the other test is much much less. I am definitely going to call tomorrow and find out which they did.

My Primary care physician put me on Flagyl after I annoyed him enough about it. It made me really sick for about 10 days, but I think since I went off of it I've gotten slightly better.

I'm definitely better than I was when the symptoms were at their peak. I still don't have an appetite and my stomach has dull pain but I don't feel 'sick'. It does get worse at times and today I was unable to do anything and ended up taking a bunch of ibuprofen.

My doctor's told me to stop thinking about it, take probiotics, and eat a high fiber diet and it'll go away. I've been doing this for over a month though and I haven't had much success.

This disease has stolen 3 months of my life, made me get behind a quarter in school, lose about 6k to tuition and paying rent on my apartment, and has destroyed my social life. I'm beyond depressed and really just need to get better so I can live my life.

I would really appreciate any advice.

If anyone knows a good diet to fix the intestinal bacteria and rid out any possible parasites or foreign bacteria I would appreciate that too.

Thank you.

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  • Hello, have you tried elimination diets?Dairy, Gluten, Wheat, Lactose.I'm no expert but do some searches on elimination diets and keep a food diary. My son was ill for ages with all sorts of differen symtoms and worked out to be cows milk intollerence, even though the syptoms did not point to it.
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    • November 16, 2009
    • 10:51 PM
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