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3 days after possible exsposure and very worried.

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  • Posted By: ajplaid
  • March 30, 2008
  • 10:24 AM

I am a 23 year old male
I received an STD exam on Jul 07 and everything came up negative, although I’m sure I gave my girlfriend HPV afterwards. On March 26 08 –3 days ago -I received and gave oral sex to a man on a craigslist ad.
Since then I’ve been very paranoid about the idea that I might have an STD because I know how possible that might be.
1 day later I felt tingling and itching in my testicles..
2 days later my testicles looked more red than usual and started to itch a little
On the 3rd day the red is gone but the tingling is still going on. Now my genitals feel more tingly and warm than usual and I notice it, a lot..
My lips are chapped also, they were chapped before the possible exposure but it seems to be lingering.

My stress levels are also very high right now and I know especially with most STDs stress doesn’t help. I told my girlfriend everything.
I’m going to the free STD clinic on the next available day but I would really appreciate some advice if anyone has some to offer.

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  • :eek::eek: 0.0 :eek::eek: ok.... A) dont tell your buddys B) stress WILL causes all type of problems. you are working yourself up for no reason, you made a stupid move and if you do have an STD it is not your fault, we cant control what germs/viruses/disease we get. we cetaintly cant control our craving for sex, which is why STDs are becoming quite serious. if you cheat on the one person you know that DOESN'T have an STD. then you should be prepared to face the music. you took the chance, im not trying to be mean, its just that i read about this stuff all the time then the first poster comes back and said they cheated again, and we dont want that to happen to you
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  • You can't be that desperate; it's rather suicidal what you did. I'm more worried about your mental state. You need to wait a few weeks and get an entire battery of tests: sounds like herpes 1 may have been spread and if you have herpes 1 on your genitals, it's herpes and may also be on your lips. You will need a blood test for herpes 1 & 2, syphlilis, hiv, hepatitis and all the rest of the stds...hope you have insurance because most free std clinics don't check for herpes and hepatitis...can you go for counseling, too??? or get a hobby??? Do not have sex with your girlfriend until you get checked. If you know you have hpv, you should always be using a condom, even with a guy.
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  • Yeah it's my mental state that I'm worried about too. I realized that I'm a sex addict after this incident, because of how sabotaging it was to my relationship and quite possibly my health. I told my girlfriend and well deserving she broke up with me. I went to an Sex Addicts meeting and it really helped to hear other men tell their stories. I felt alone about my problems but now I know I'm not.
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  • Usually they check your urine for chlamydia, but they need to check your throat instead. Well, it didn't used to be life threatening, but it is now. Good luck.
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  • Do you really think his cell phone or radiation caused him to answer an ad on Craig's list?
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  • This doesn't exactly deal with sexual behavior per say, but... Memory and Behavior - Dr. Henry Laihttp://www.emrnetwork.org/research/laiwho.pdf ...I wonder if wireless technology is causing you to engage in unsafe sexual practices? Do you use a cell phone?I don't have a cell phone. but that's interesting.
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  • hey keep it up ur mental state that is ,try and decide if u want a women or a man and dont risk other peoples life because of ur desire for sex or at least were a condom.and also do u have kids and do u work in a restaurant
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  • hey keep it up ur mental state that is ,try and decide if u want a women or a man and dont risk other peoples life because of ur desire for sex or at least were a condom.and also do u have kids and do u work in a restaurantI don't have kids or work in a restaurauntYeah I'm just taking it really slow now. I got checked out and the doctor said it was probably nothing, I get all the blood tests in a month or two.Just trying to work on my stress levels so I don't give myself symptoms. Men giving themselves symptoms, due to stress and anxiety, seems to be all over the place on the internet. I got checked out by a doctor yesterday, she told me my throat looked fine and my testicles were definitely inflamed. She said it was most likely irritation, which is also highly likely because when this all hit me, I washed them more than usual and even but some cream on them. So now I have to wait for the inflammation to go away and watch for sores over the next few weeks/months.
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