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28 year old with alot of problems

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • November 3, 2009
  • 06:58 AM

I have been experience most of the symptoms listed below since 2005 to present the symptoms come and go, with new symptoms as well. I have tried to go to various Drs. and have gotten dismissed every time, I have been told that there is noting wrong with me and im just too young to be sick, they didn’t care to find out what’s wrong with me. I have had high cholesterol (169 LDL ) since 2006 and I have been dismissed as well saying that I’m too young watch your diet and you will be fine. Recently I found out that my cholesterol was still very high (220 LDL) and was found to have calcium build up in my coronary artery. Again I went to various cardiologist for it and their first response to me was your too young and we cant do anything for you now, and I was giving Zocor for my cholesterol. I took it for 2 weeks and stopped taking after it worsen my ED issue, then I took it upon my self to lower my cholesterol without the pill … since then I have lost about 35 pound in the last 2 months with daily work out and diet , my cholesterol has lowered but I’m still experiencing unusually symptoms.. I was also found a swollen lymph nodes in my groin right side since 2006 seems come and go. no one knows what it is there and why it keep going an coming back, I have realized however that every time I have taken antibiotics or NADs that the growth gets smaller but as soon as I’m off the medication it grows back every time. I do feel like I’m slowly dyeing and no one can help me and try to figure what is wrong with me, I have gotten dismissed by so many Dr.’s just because they can’t figure out what’s causing all these problems and don’t have to time to listen Just recently I have been losing the hair in my legs but only from the knees down ( I am a very hairy male).
Also I have been also experiencing ED since 2005 it comes and goes and recently it has gotten worse to the point when i ejaculate its only drips and noting want to come out. My urine stared to be weak urine flow stops and go while I’m urinating. Again i have consulted Drs. about this and have gotten Viagra prescription and have been told that i am too young to be having ED. I DON’T WANT VIAGRA, I WANT KNOW I HAVE ED BEFORE ITS TOO LATE.
I have gotten dismissed when asked about running tests on me. I do need some answers and I would very much appreciate any help.

 Numbness feet fell cold and hurt after walking or working out
 Pain in feet is numb ice cold, throbbing pain.
 Rare chest pains(stabbing) in middle of chest ( didn’t have this for over a year now)
 Fatigue
 Weakness, tired all the time
 Back in June of 2007 constant fever of over 104-105 lasted for over a week with spiting up, green mucus with black clumps, me been small amounts of blood
 Excessive sweat, soak towels of sweat, had to lay on towel to absorb excessive sweats at night while sleeping ( I don’t exprinace this any more, it stoped over a year ago )
 Mild muscle pain
 Body was hot but feet were incredibly cold ice cold and sweating
 Bad migraines mostly on right side of head pain in eyes down to neck and tenses up, on daily basis 4 Advil liquid gels goes away ( I don’t get them any more )
 Swollen lymph node on right side groin
 lost of sexual interest/ may have erectile dysfunction / gets depressed/ get anxious
 mood swings
 Has had pneumonia and bronchitis
 Has had malaria 4 times (last time was 16)
 Was paralyzed at 4/5 years of age for about a month no one knows why (may have been wrong meds)
 family history of diabetes /high blood pressure/high cholesterol/ stroke/ heart attack/ some kind of back or liver cancer/
 when I walks on feet thy feel tired like he’s been walking all day, no pain when walking but they do hurt
 2001 lower back pain that lasted about a week and couldn’t move pain level was 10 could not move got x-rays went to several dr . They did not know what it was
 Burn Pitts unsafe water, food and hazardous fumes from the burn pit there.
 Water may have high levels of sodium

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