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  • Posted By: 2young
  • July 22, 2010
  • 00:29 PM

I'm a 23, will be 24 in less then a month. I'm female and I just had a baby boy 9 months ago. 2 or 3 years before I got pregnant, things that I "thought" were normal things got gradually worse. Muscle & joint pain, fatigue, stomach pain, nausea, blood in stools, urine(bloodflakes), and also when I've threw up. They have gone in with a camera in every hole possible and don't see anything. I have a 3 inch around nodule on my liver(mri's decided that there was no need for biopsi.) I have a very hard time sleeping. I have restless legs, that don't only bother me at night. It constantly feels like I have anxiety in my feet and legs. When I wake up I feel horrible. When I was pregnant, it was the best I felt in a long time, however I still wasn't well. I have aweful acid reflux(have since I was very young) been diagnosed with two autoimmune disorders Epstein bars & cmv. Sometimes I have no appetite, sometimes I'm overly thirsty. I have had numbing in my carpel tunnel joint area for up to 6 weeks. I don't heal well after surgerys. I have power back pain. Pain on the right side of my stomach. It not only hurts on the inside, but hurts when pushed on. On all sorts of medicine, test and fail a lot of the time. When I have to go #2, I have EXTREME pain right about where my C-section scare is. Some nights I don't sleep, I'm just to uncomfurtable. I'm sure there is more, like blurry vision at times, and stuff like that I'm leaving out (not on purpose) will post more when I think of it or feel it. All blood test and other test have came back normal or at least with in normal range even when on the low or high side. I bruise very easy also. Everything hurts! I don't want to settle with a "fibromyalgia" diagnoses, because I believe whatever it is might win my life.

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  • When all else in modern medicine fails, trying alternatives/ holistic approach sounds like a good move. I have seen many positive changes- even cures- when modern medicine has given up. I would be careful when choosing all these 'detoxes' out there, as some may be dangerous (if they don't allow the toxins to be released, they build up and now the is greater concentrations of it). I don't want to advertise, but will give you some sourses if interested.
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  • Thank you so much for getting back to me! I've been checking all day to see others thoughts on what to do. I really have been looking into a more natural way to go about things. I do take multi vitamins. Since I've been taking those I don't get colds, flus, contagious stuff as often. Before the vitamins I would catch stuff very easy. I also try to exercise by taking walks. I feel better when I'm active. I feel like the pain I feel is acutally earned that way. By staying still I get sore, and the way I explane it is "anxiety" in my legs and feet. I know this will sound crazy, but I want them to take the nodule off my liver. I have pain on my right side a lot. I just want an answer to all of this. I feel like there has to be some kind of a test to diagnose me with something. When I had a colonoscopy, it showed nothing. I have blood innertwined in my stools and severe pain to the point of throwing up when I go to the bathroom. I was hoping and praying for a hemroid! Just for an answer. When they told me everything looked normal and no hemroids or anything, I cried so hard. I take fiber, it doesn't matter if it's soft hard runny, it hurts right where my scare from my csection is. It hurt there before the csection. Any ideas of what all this stomach pain muscle and joint pain fatigue is from? Any ideas if it all ties together into something?
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  • Talk about sounding crazy: I would suggest a bowel program that has two parts. 1- to promote natural movement and 2-, to actually remove old matter from the colon. I have tried this myself and on many others, and it always works- with no side effects. The fomulas I used (until making my own) was from Dr. Richard Schulze. That should get rid of straining and pain during bowel movements. This is no temporary fix, but in my case it is about 6 years since doing this and I have the results staying. Good for you that you exercise and take vitamins. You are doing something for your health.Once you look into the products mentioned (Intestinal #1 and #2), and if you try it, you can look at the other issues you want to address and see the other products for them. I would start with the bowels, as they are fundamental and cause many other problems (even seemingly unrelated).Good luck in whatever you try, and hope you get well.
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