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23, Neurological?

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • July 16, 2009
  • 10:32 PM

(long story here it goes)

Two months ago I started to notice weakness in my legs. I decided to start working out my lower body on days I didn't work my upper body. To my shock I could not do leg extensions set to 30 pounds (my regular weight was around 100-120). When I did it my legs were shaking and felt really weird. I continued my work out routine and noticed my back hurting (thought I didn't stop). The next day my back hurt really bad and I figured I hurt it while working out. This is when everything went down hill.

I woke up the next day with bad back pain and noticed my legs were VERY weak. Within three days I could barely lift my legs due to weakness near the top and in back (along with a diffuse pain in lower back). My legs were REALLY weak and I could barely walk up stairs. I was also experiencing a weird tingling feeling in my feet (bottom of feet) and could no longer be tickled. I had CT scan, and mri neither of which showed any nerve problem or herniation. Then Urinary problems started, along with loss of sensation in the genitalia region, and sexual dysfunction. It felt like I had to go all the time even when I didnt and was hard to start and keep urinating.

A week later I started to notice the strange weakness and tingling in my neck and arms I experienced in my legs. It started off gradual around the same time as my legs but figured it was just from too much blackberry use. Now It is annoying to type or use a phone because I miss buttons and have a hard time typing in general. I have experienced muscle loss and weakness in arms and loss of overall sensation as well.

Along with all of these symptoms I have had muscle cramps, tension, difficulty concentrating, and even a harder time tasting some spicy foods. I have had my vitamin levels checked (vit D was low, but I live in the NW so that makes sense), everything else was fine. I have had CT scan, MRI of lower spine, seen a urologist who said "you are 23 you shouldn't be having problems its all in your head".

I am confused as to what to do now. What could possibly cause all of this? Could they even be related? They all started within a week or two of each other with no apparent linking accident or cause.

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