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21YO off-balance and ear fullness for 5 months- cud it be perilymphatic fistula???

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  • Posted By: rmk_1987
  • February 20, 2009
  • 07:08 AM

I'm a 21 YO male very fit and healthy and currently live in Hamilton, Ontario. I have no past history of any illnesses and not on any medications.

Main symptoms:
1- Feeling off-balance while walking.
2- Nauseous most of the time when Walking for FIVE months now.
3- Vertigo only when leaving an elevator that had been going up
4- Constant tilting to one side sensation.
5- Feeling of pressure on the left side of my head.
6- Tightness feeling in some parts of my left body.

Possible causes:
I) I Banged the back of my head (left part near the ear )against a
door ***b 5 and a half months ago. a week before my symptoms

II) My new co-op job was on the 12-th floor in a building where elevator moves EXTREMELY FAST and STOPS SUDDENLY.

III) During the summer before all this started, i did hit my head near my
left ear on the back againt the bar of the
overhead pull up machine.

IV) I have stitches on the top left corner of my head from when i was
in Kindergarten.

Symptoms is more detail:
1- When i press against the back of my head and release, i hear a vibration as if sumthing is shivering in there and sudden heartbeat sound that starts loud as i release then slowly subsides then goes away but my left ear still feels weird all the time. most vivid on the spot between the middle of the back of the head and the left ear parallel to the point right above the cartilage of the left ear. ( Could there be blood vessels on that spot and where from and to do they connect ??)

2- Sometimes it feels as if there no blood or maybe TOO MUCH blood reaching to my left ear cuz it feels hot from the inside and that accompanies the feeling of fullness in the left ear.

3- when I'm riding in the car my right ear seems to adjust to pressure changes better than my left ear cuz i swallow my own spit my right ear opens and my left ear remains the same.

4- stimulating my throat or moving my head from side to side i hear weird sound in my left ear as if something is loose and not fixed in it's place. Also when i move my eyes around i hear these sounds it's crazy because it's as if i'm HEARING my throat and eyes movements in my left ear.

5- Intolerance to sounds ( NO HEARING LOSS) my feelings get so much worse when i hear annoying sounds sometime hearing my friend talk loudly makes the left part of head THROB and i get so dizzy from sounds and i can't tolerate putting a headphone in my left ear cuz it makes me feel so dazed and nauseous. I don't think this could be migraine because it happens EVERYDAY.

5- Exiting an elevator that was going up no matter at what speed is a nightmare for me i feel lik i lost my mind for a few seconds and i think i get strong VERTIGO only in this scenario which makes me think that the whole time i'm experiencing slight vertigo not to the extent that makes me feel lik im spinning but just feel constantly off-balanced and it gets worse in elevators then sets of anxiety which makes me feel nauseous.

TESTS done.
many blood tests - NEGATIVE
ENG test with caloric testing - NEGATIVE
Abdominal Ultra Sound - In process

I'm seeing the internal medicine in Toronto Wester Hospital they are confused as to what's going on so they ordered an abdominal ultra sound although my stomach feels great and i dun think it has to do with my stomach.

It's been abt more than five months and day by day i'm getting more and more convinced that there is something wrong with my left ear that the ENG and caloric testing exams failed to detect.

Does perilymphatic fistula usually fail the ENG and caloric testing? could I possibly have that or anything else that might've been not picked up by the ENG exam???

I'm seeing another ENT soon but oh god now i have to go through the ENG again which will take forever and then if that fails he might have to schedule an ear exploration which will prolly take too long.

I'm so sick of this and my quality of life has been SO BAD lately i dun exercise anymore or do much activities as before and worst i can't drink like i used to before :-( I'm only 21 and i'm feeling lik im 90 years old!

does any one kno any ENT from the Greater Toronto Area who is interested to take my case seriously and further investigate into this; possibly through an ear exploration, please let me know because I'm sick of waiting and thts making my life miserable and I do not know how much longer do i have to wait after my next ENT appointment!

I have read the very limited info on perilymphatic fistulae and from the very few cases i read about(can;t find much) it appears tht i have the same symptoms cuz many ppl reportant constant off-balance sensation rather than just sudden onset of vertigo..any insights?

my email is kakishr@hotmail.com
or kakishr@mcmaster.ca

plz email me or write something back I will be eager to hear some thoughts into this.

thank you,

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