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21yo female...month-long vagues symptoms

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  • Posted By: chelizz
  • February 17, 2009
  • 05:13 AM

Hi, I'm a 21-year-old college student. About a month ago, after undergoing some stress (friend-related stuff...could be related, might not be...), I began to experience the following symptoms:

-Inability to fall asleep after waking in the morning. This happens even if I've gone to bed late (2 a.m.) and wake at a normal time.
-Constant fatigue to the point where I never feel mentally prepared to tackle schoolwork, I always want to nap (but generally can't...even when I finally can, it's only been for ten minutes or so) or just lay around...even at school, I feel like I want to sleep almost constantly.
-Lack of appetite. I will say I've been trying to lose some weight to get into a "healthy" weight zone. I've been cutting calories, but that doesn't really account for the fact that I'll take a few bites of food and, without feeling physically full, feel as if I can't eat another bite without throwing up. It's not nausea because it's not a physical sensation. This hasn't been as bad for the past week. Also, there have been multiple times recently when I've felt hungry, but simply haven't wanted to eat.
-Strange rashes. I'm a rashy person, so it doesn't bother me too much, but this is different than my normal eczema. There's a rash on my neck that showed up four weeks ago, went away after a steroid injection and has reappeared about two days ago. Another rash appeared on my hands either right before or during my ballet class. It was a series of pinpricks of red, and the only thing I've found which even closely resembles it is petechiae. This faded within a few hours and disappeared after a couple of days.
-A low-grade fever which comes and goes. It's been in the 99-degree range, which for me is rather high, since my body temp typically runs about 97.4.
-One night a few weeks ago, I simply felt "strange"...I didn't know how to describe how I felt, but it wasn't normal.
-Constipation despite eating more vegetables than usual.
-Inability to perform normally in ballet class. For example, even before starting class, I could turn my feet out in a 180-degree position, which requires some bit of muscle development. I had a break over Christmas and practiced ballet for a few weeks and lazed a bit the last two weeks. Since then, my leg muscles have felt weaker than they did prior to beginning ballet.
-It also seems harder to open jars...something I've always had the strength for. I've actually been saying the words, "I'm weak," lately, when usually I'm the one people go to for things that require some strength.
-Feeling sick in the morning. I don't even eat breakfast many times because of this.
-Complete lack of motivation. I'm a pre-med student and generally pretty motivated to do things well. But...well, for example, right now, I need to be studying for a chemistry test, but part of me just doesn't care if I fail. That's not normal at ALL...failing a test is a HUGE deal for me.
-Two headaches which radiated from the back of my skull down toward my neck. After reading about tension headaches, I suspect that was what they were, but I've never experienced anything like that before. Icing my head and laying down helped tremendously.

Over Christmas break (about 2 months ago), I also experienced insomnia to an extent (being exhausted but not wanting to sleep...it wasn't that I COULDN'T sleep...I just didn't want to). I've had some bruising, but not much and only two bruises are unexplained.

Things I know I am NOT:
-Pregnant (never had sex, so really, not an option)
-Anemic (I gave blood about three weeks ago and my hemoglobin count was 14.8g/dL)

Also, I take vitamins daily...like Emergen-C or Airborne. I also generally take two Tums as a calcium supplement and sometimes take dietary fiber (Fiber Choice). I eat normal food...chicken, beef, some fruit, veggies, cheese. And, I shoot for between 1300 and 1500 calories a day. There have been days recently where I had only eaten about 800 calories and had to mindfully go eat more even though I wasn't hungry, but that hasn't happened often enough to worry about it.

There is a family history of thyroid disease. Also, my grandfather has type II diabetes.

Any help you might be able to give would be a plus. Thank you.

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