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21 Male, Sever fatigue rapidly decreasing physical ability

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  • Posted By: Dark Crimson
  • April 22, 2009
  • 00:46 PM

Hi friends, my first post here:)
I've been back and forward to my GP about this excessive tiredness and exhaustion both mental and physical that has been going on for nearly a year and has most recently been accompanied by unusual dull and frequent headaches, blurry vision and dizziness. Its approaching the point where I'm unable to lift things about or do basic chores without the need for resting afterward. Also I'm waking up in the morning to find myself as exhausted and tired as i was when i went to bed. Any physical exertion is a difficult task and leaves me needing to rest, and i find i really have to push myself. I first started noticing it when i was working a year ago, i was finding it increasingly difficult to keep up with what i had to do, until i was fired for being 'lazy' - yet i just was becoming too tired to complete my work.

My GP has had me in for blood tests, all checked out fine except for a deficiency in white cells. My GP rules my fatigue and other symptoms down to stress and depression and has given me antidepressants. Having suffered from depression before from a traumatic event, i know enough to know that I'm not depressed and right now have no stresses.

I really don't know what's wrong with me, i consider myself fairly healthy, but I'm at my wits end with being so exhausted that some days i have to lay in bed all day.

Can anyone offer me any advice apart from depression? Thank you!:)

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  • Thank you for your reply. I'll look over the links. The thing is, i live out in the middle of nowhere and there's no antennas or pylons or anything like that around here, i have a mobile phone and thats off 90% of the time. Our internet is wired, and there's no wireless devices in our home or nearby. I'd really like it to be something as simple as RF radiation thats making me ill and be able to eradicate it, because this is really affecting my life, yet everyone else in my family is healthy except for my dad who has diabetes. I'm just exhausted constantly, have aches in my muscles, my neck and nasty headaches dull headache, continuing tiredness and a real effort to do anything. I can't describe how i feel any better than saying i feel 'heavy' if that makes any sense. :(
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  • I don't know what else to do, i managed to see my GP this afternoon, he didn't seem at all interested. He just checked me over, listened to my breathing, checked my pulse, blood pressure, eyes, ears and inspected back of my throat which was sore at the time (and usually is). He also felt my muscles in my arms and checked my weight and hight. He said i was okay, asked me a few questions; like have i been too active during the day, is my sleep disturbed and am I eating well, and then sent me away saying i should be okay.Please is there anyone who could give me any advice, or even something for me to suggest to a physician for them to look into? Please help me if you can. I just keep being sent away.:(
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  • hi there... when you say rapidly decreasing physical ability how do u mean?is it just because u are so tired or is it also things like u seem wobbly on ur feet. kind of like a drunken walk?do u fall over now and again randomly?if u answer yes to any of these i would suggest MS which is an auto immune disease.it would fit with your fatigue and ur symptoms seem to point towards it. it was my first thought, its worth suggesting to your GP tho.Hope i am of some help.let me know how you get on.
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  • sorry, forgot to mention possibly chronic fatigue syndrome.look on the internet for symptoms of both and see if they sound like u then suggest them to ur GP.Bye!
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  • Hi thank you for your reply! :)I find it difficult to do active things, i can do them but i tire in no time at all. Its just like ive used up all my energy doing something simple. I find concentration sometimes hard, i also suffer what i can only describe as mental tiredness too.I don't have any wobbliness as such, just random and frequent dizziness, usually accompanied by headaches that are unusual in the sense that they are different from other headaches ive had before and can last anywhere between 10 mins to an hour or more. I also get aches in my joints and muscles which tends to last a while also I sometimes get blurred or speckled vision, but that lasts seconds if i do too much. I also find i tend to sleep in the afternoon if i do any physical activity, this doesn't disturb my nighttime sleep either i dont get the sensation of sleeping too much. I do sometimes have trouble getting off to sleep, and wake during the night momentarily but thats it. I just have this overwhelming urge to sleep or rest the entire time, as if i had done a lot of hard labour. Exercise seems to make matters worse.MS is quite scary, although wouldn't that be seen in all the blood tests that i have had?Thanks so much for your suggestions, ill research around and see my GP again:)
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  • Hi.. Have you had a TSH test for thyroid? I would be shocked if someone your age had an underactive thyroid but ??? who knows? The test is a little expensive but most insurers cover the test, especially if you have a family history of thyroid problems. An untreated, underactive thyroid condition can leave you exhausted, cold sensitive, dry skin, thinning hair, short term memory problems, lowered immunity, etc.. the list goes on & on.. vague symptoms & not everybody has all the symptoms. Also..just a suggestion and it may seem way, way out but, ask someone in your family if you snore a lot or seem to be restless when you sleep? You may be suffering from sleep apnea. This is a very ignored & under-diagnosed condition. It is finally getting a little attention & respect from the medical community. My sis had bad, bad sleep apnea & was totally unaware of it for over five yrs. But her symptoms were: constant fatigue, headaches, nodding off at work, church, even at the kitchen table. She would be more tired after sleeping than when she went to bed. She was getting frightened even to drive because she would nod off all the time. Doing anything took a monumental effort. Her doctor was telling her that her blood pressure was inching up, she was becoming pre-diabetic with the beginnings of blood sugar problems. She was a mess. Life was NOT good. A family member read an article about sleep apnea & mentioned that her symptoms were similar to ppl suffering from this condition. Well, she had the sleep study done and her apnea was so bad, they didn't let her finish the sleep study.. lol.... The cure is so simple. They fit you with a CPAP machine/mask which forces air into your lungs, you begin to sleep thru the night (w/o the CPAP, you can't get air & your body 'wakes' up dozens of times an hour thru the night .. you are not even aware of this constant waking). It was a miracle. Her energy levels came back, life was good again, no more colds/bronchitis/sore throats, blood pressure went back down to reg levels, no more blood sugar problems and she sleeps like a baby, even with the mask on. She loves it !! By the way, don't buy any 'over-the-counter' remedies for sleep apnea. They may cure the snoring & restlessness but may not cure the sleep apnea itself and sleep apnea is a very serious condition and can lead to heart problems.. etc. Most insurance companies do cover the sleep study test & the CPAP machine/mask. Just another thot..... with your morning headaches?? You might want to invest in allergen type pillowcase/mattress/boxspring covers for your bed. You may be wildly allergic to dust/dust mites. I wish you luck, my friend. You are way too young to be having all these problems. And you might look around for another doctor. xoxo.. phoenix23002
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  • I have had that problem for years. I found it something called hypersomnia. Instead of insomnia (can't sleep) You have excessive sleep. It fits the description well, but may not be your deal since it usually starts when you hit your teens. Check it out though.
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  • Thank you phoenix23002, claytonsmom08 and scheets973 for all of your replies. Phoenix, no i've not had a TSH test as far as i'm aware, my girlfriend says she's never known me to snore in my sleep. Although i believe my cousin suffers from sleep apnea. I'm not too bad today, I slept most of yesterday and oddly feel a little better for it, but i don't want to do anything much as i'm scared i'll exhaust myself and be sleeping most of the day again, as i find if i exercise ill end up feeling worse.:(Okay, I'm trying to get an appointment to see another GP sometime this week as my own isn't really helping me. I plan to tell him or her everything i've described here. I'm also keeping a diary of everything that happens throughout the day, including when i wake up, if i sleep during the day and how long for and list in order the symptoms i experience, and also when i go to bed and if my sleep is disturbed at all so i can show this to the GP too.I looked into my symptoms as was suggested and tried comparing them to everything that has been suggested. I found that almost all my symptoms are common with every condition suggested which was quite confusing as I'm not medically savvy. I intend to query these conditions to the GP i next see and print this thread off because i don't want to be ignored anymore, as this tiredness and exhaustion is really affecting my life.I'm quite concerned that MS was suggested which has made me want to get more tests done just in case, but looking over the huge list of symptoms that are associated with it, i only see a few that could point to it, still a worry though. I mean in myself i feel fine, i don't feel 'ill' as in the sense that something is wrong, i just have tremendous and numerous headaches, tiredness/exhaustion dizziness and odd vision and aches. I've had the tiredness for nearly a year and the headaches and whatnot followed shortly after.At the moment i'm looking into chronic fatigue syndrome, sleep apnea and hypersomnia as i find they seem to fit with more what i'm experiencing and because i feel that my condition is defiantly sleep/energy related as i've had no other symptoms just worsening tiredness...Thank you so much everyone! :)
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  • Hi there.... You are a smart young man. If you find a good GP, one who is part Sherlock Holmes & loves to dig to find answers, he will love your diary. It will be very helpful (pay attention to what your eat and any correlation in time to a particular food). You are smart not to discount any suggestions offered here. Good to have that checklist of tests/etc you can have run & eliminate things, one by one. My one big question is.. these symptoms started about a yr ago?? What were you doing different a yr ago that you weren't doing the year before that?? Have you moved from one residence to another? Did your job involve exposure to any chemicals or toxins?? You may have mold in your house. Ppl react differently to mold/fungus. Some ppl are wildly allergic and it can be toxic. Did your water supply change.. ie.. go from well water to 'city' water? Did you change heating source.. from electric to gas or heating oil? Do you have a pest service (like Terminex) that treats your residence on a regular basis? Something else you might add or ck out & see if symptoms 'click' are... mecury or heavy metal poisening (from tooth fillings.. remember that actor, Jeremy P.?? a few months back.. nothing to pooh-pooh off). By the way, cilantro is a great 'chelator' and a tsp or two a day of chopped up fresh cilantro can do a dandy job of helping rid your body of heavy metals. Something is dragging your body down, down, down and, because you don't feel ill (I call it feeling green.. LOL) I am sure suspicious of some sort of toxin or allergy. Put your thinking cap on & see if you can think back to some altering event a yr or two ago. (The event may have occured 18 - 20 mons ago and only manifested the consequences a few months later when your body just gave up & gave in.) They are calling chronic fatigue syndrome & conditions like Epstein Barr (sp) & fibromyalgia (sp), 'modern' diseases and it is suspected that they may be the body's reaction to the constant bombardment of food additives and chemicals we consume & use every day. One thing you can do for yourself is try to build your body up... lots of pure water, Vit C, a good whole-food based multivitamin, a good quality, natural Vit E complex, hi-quality organic flax seed, organic veggies, fruits, few processed foods (NO TV DINNERS...LOL), organic meats if you can afford them and... last but not least... try to avoid commercial toothpastes (baking soda works just fine), mouthwash, margarines, cleaning products, hair products, air sprays, chemical lawn products (roundup), too much sugar (use stevia), bread (unless natural with no preservatives and unbromided flour), soft drinks and ALL forms of artificial sweetners. ..... read, read, read labels and choose accordingly. I am not a nut or a 'tree-hugger' but I do think I can consume or use something & it won't bother me.. You can use or consume the same thing & have headaches.. upset tummy or such. Everyone is different with diff tolerances & sensitivities. You can help your body (liver, kidneys (milk thistle is a great liver aid) by taking some of the toxic load off of it. You keep us posted, ok? We want you to get better !!!!! Good luck, my friend. pheonix
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  • i just have tremendous and numerous headaches, tiredness/exhaustion dizziness and odd vision and aches.Sounds like CFS, which was mentioned previously. I am currently looking into this myself because I never realized that all these strange symptoms I had that I took for granted and ignored actually may all be tied together. Eversince my teens I experience fatigue especially after doing anything strenuous... even just walking about a little (I hide it well though, my gf would make fun of me if I didn't). I do excersize on a regular basis, but it doesn't energize me or make me feel un-tired, like its supposed to. I get headaches constantly, my vision gets blurry on occasion (and I wear glasses), and it seems like no matter how much sleep I get, I still feel tired. I also have aches & pains, and weird pain in some of my joints. Do you have any of this? I too, have nasal/sinus issues, especially at night, no allergies. Muscle aches are not uncommon for me. These symptoms I have all, apparently, are symptoms of CFS, I think you should definitely look into that as well. But apparently there's no cure, you just treat the symptoms. I read an article though that says no matter how tired you get you should try to excersize, and eventually it starts getting better. Sounds kinda hard...
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  • Plastikfear, all the same symptoms here my friend, Only breathing issues for me is asthma, which i only seem to get during the summer months, I've medication for that (thats not changed) and been on medication for it since i was 5. Albeit it has calmed down over the years, but I'm not one to knock something on the head cause it 'seems' to have gone. So i am cautious. But other than that, i experience the same symptoms as yourself.Thanks for the Reply Phoenix! I'm hoping that the GP will like to flick through. I haven't been keeping a record of what i'm eating but will do now.Nothing to my knowledge has changed at all over the last year, i still live at home, we eat the same foods, have the same water supply and heating. The house is 25 years old, had an extension 10 years ago which has increased the dust in the house which still hasn't gone away. I eat healthy, i make sure i get plenty of fruit, veg, meat and calcium and natural vitamins, i don't take supplements. I drink mineral water, and pure orange, apple or cranberry juce. I don't drink dilute concentrate I don't binge on anything, don't drink alcohol, don't eat lots of sweets, don't smoke, and don't take any intoxicating substances at all. Other than dust, i live in a fairly healthy environment. The only strenuous obstacles is my dad and his diabetes, as he's insulin dependent he frequently goes too low leaving my mother and i to fetch him round. He contracted his diabetes 5 weeks after i was born. Doctors said i would be okay, i've had glucose tests and all checks out okay. The only change that i recall that has happened, has happened to me. before i suffered the tiredness i suffered chronic depression, which is where my GP got the depression idea from, i lost someone very close to me to cancer and it devastated me. Also at the time my relationship wasn't running very smooth and almost took my life, that was nearly 3 and a half years ago, though. After recovering via willpower, and no drugs (i refused to take them) i did notice i got ill quite easily, colds, infections and the like for ages until i got glandular fever. After that i felt okay and didn't get ill, 8 months later and starting my first job, within the first 3 months i was struggling with tiredness. I though it was just that my body wasn't use to it, and it would adapt. It however did not, and i just got more and more tired, the more work i did the worse it became, and sleep was not making me feel any better. Thats pretty much when i lost my job.Other than that of can think of no other explanation... I'll be honest I'm tired of being tired. Im fed up i cant enjoy life like i should and i usually let my friends down by having to cancel activities because I'm to exhausted to attend. Thanks so much friends!:)
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  • Also to answer the question about what my job entailed, i was working as a computer technician, building PC's it wasn't what i would call demanding physically, mentally, yes very. It could become very repetitive, and my boss wasn't exactly a complete charmer. I do recall that i began eating much much more, i could never fully satisfy my appetite. a few weeks after loosing my job (i had an immediate dismissal) my appetite returned to normal. But i was just still getting more tired. The only chemicals i used in the workshop was a citrus based solvent cleaner, thermal paste, cleaners like Mr. Muscle and other domestic metal/plastic polishers, and also canned compressed air which was used very often its propellant was nitrous oxide. The workshop had florescent lighting and was very warm at lest 86F in the summer maybe more. I did get a headache on my first day at work which wouldn't go away from the High pitch sound associated with TV's. It wasn't exactly an ideal environment.
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  • Hey,I had exactly the same thing for about 5 years. it is seriously debilitating. As my t-cell count was low, i was tested for cancer, infectious diseases and so many other things i lost count! I also caught every virus going and that made it worse. Glandular fever can cause chronic fatigue syndrome and doesn't always show up in the blood work. In the end I saw a gp who was also a naturopath and he found that i had deficiencies in vitamins and minerals. it turned out i had coeliac disease, but not the usual symptoms. I also stopped having electric devices in my room and weekly vitamin B12 injections but i still felt exhausted.I saw an endocrinologist who found i had an underactive thyroid and needed pills for that. regular thyroid tests didn't pick this up, it was specific tests that gp's won't do. then i had chronic tonsillitis and once i had those out i felt so much better! I don't know whether it was a combination of things, or what but they were all things that regular blood work didn't show and very specific. All i can suggest is to keep trying! it's so frustrating and i would recommend getting vitamin b12 injections and trying to be active when you feel like it, eating healthily and drinking heaps of water. hope you start to feel better soon! email me if you have any questions :)
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  • kjt224, thanks for the reply. Looks like its beginning to fit the description of CFS. Saw GP today (open surgery) , they are referring me to the hospital (finally may be getting somewhere) for a set of extensive tests that i'm not really looking forward to as i've a strong phobia of needles. My previous sets of blood work has all been inconclusive, or they just weren't looking in the right places. This time i've got some scans to have. He's not ruling anything out and thinks a thorough investigation is required. He liked my diary, and wants me to continue it until i'm in for tests, and show the record to the specialists i see. Until i am in for tests, i'm going to try removing all electrical items from my bedroom and only use them when necessary and see if that makes any difference. I suggested the possibilities raised here, and although he leans more towards the symptoms of CFS when im generally speaking in good health he wants to investigate the other possibilities. I've slept most of today after my visit to the doctors, and slept for a straight 5 hours, totally missing lunch. thats probably the longest ive slept, though it is a long walk to the doctors and back so that probably explains it.
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  • Whew.. sounds like you are finally in good hands, my friend. Hospitals arent fun but maybe they can find some answers for you. I wish you luck & good health. Do keep us all posted on the results. Meanwhile, keep on being pro-active & being good to yourself. phoenix23002
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  • Dark crimson and Plastikfear, I started out the same way 5 years ago...heavy fatigue in the afternoon accompanied with headache, dizziness, and vision problems. The solution 5 yrs ago was glasses...obviously that didn't help, and over the next few yrs it got worse and worse. My headaches became more frequent, along with the fatigue, to the point now where i haven't been with out a headache for 2 yrs. I feel hungover when i get up and don't fell fully awake at any part of my day anymore. I had an episode of vision loss for 20 minutes a year ago, and every 6 months or so i'll have "bells palsy" of the left eye for an hour or more for the past 2 yrs. 8 months ago, I asked my doc for a brain scan for MS, and it came back neg, but they found a mass extending thru three of my sinuses. (which helped explain why i have sinus problems) I have an ostoid osteoma measuring at 12mm, 14mm, and 2 cm. I've been seeing tons of specialist from pain therapy to a neurologist to an ENT. It's not fun, and hopefully yours is a lot simplier, such as chronic fatigue or thyroids or even fybromalgia. my husband just let me know a few weeks ago i've started snoring, and heavily since Dec. Lots of doctors, lots of opinions, and in the end, no medication that has helped me so far, and i keep getting worse and my ENT doesn't want to do surgery at this point because it's not protruding from my head yet. It's exhausting being exhausted i know and not getting the answers. keep probing for more tests, and keep on it. you have to be in charge of your own health.
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  • good luck! My heart goes out to you.I have started to feel the weight of constant fatigue, exhaustion and not feeling like my usual self for just on 2mths now.It all began with a stomach virus from which i feel like i haven't fully recovered from. I'm hoping it doesn't escalate into this. Whilst i am feeling better than i was, i am still not fully there. So just wanted to send you my well wishes. I had a friend with CFS and it was really hard for her.Good luck in your quest to solve and resolve your health issues. Being sick is no fun :(
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  • Hi, i was reading about your symptoms and they seem terribly similar to what i have been facing for the last 2 years, all my tests seem normal and the doctors think its all in the mind, whereas i know for certain that there is a problem.On constant research, i have narrowed it down to CFS, but then thats about it, as no one i know really has been able to figure out the treatment. Others which can be considered are low thyroid, stomach infection (as i have bloated stomach on certain days)Have you managed to trace it?
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  • Hey DarkAre you still suffering from those symptoms? I am a very healthy 50yr old woman who runs circles around her 37yr old husband. I started having the same symptoms after being adjusted by a chiropractor (upper spine). MRI, MRA, CT Scan: all "normal". I get so fatigued and winded going from my house to my outbuilding I just had built for my projects (50 ft away), that I feel I have to go rest for hours. Same when simply waking up. When the doctors tell you it is psychological, ask them to put that in writing...they'll get off that "kick" real quick.Have you looked into hypoxia (lack of oxygen in blood)? For me, I believe my tissues got damaged and the oxygen in the blood is not getting to my brain correctly. Has nothing to do with blood flow which is why CT Scan, etc. doesn't pick it up. I'm not in agreement with the MS scare. Look hypoxia up on line, and see if your GP can test for that. You are lucky on having a GP...I just moved here and EVERY GP, Internist, Neurologist, etc has a 3 mo waiting list. Every store I go in to, when I can, just after being in there for 15 min, they look at me and ask me if I need an ambulance as I am so fatigued. So it's not in my head, your head...I have heard of a guy that shook his head rapidly to shake raindrops off and he developed neck arterial damage. But hypoxia is not limited to the neck, it can affect any part of your body where the body is deprived of oxygen in the blood. Hope this helps.
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    • December 15, 2009
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  • Jstmean, see my response above, but have you seen this article?... http://www.ctvbc.ctv.ca/servlet/an/local/CTVNews/20091120/MS_W5_091120/20091120?hub=BritishColumbiaHome
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    • December 15, 2009
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