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20 Year old male whom is frustrated because cannot get diagnosis. :(

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  • Posted By: doobran
  • August 28, 2011
  • 07:19 AM

Hi all, I'm new to this forum and I hope I am posting this in the appropriate place.
I have been chronically ill for the pass 9 months without any doctors being able to appropriately treat me or diagnose.
Because of it I've had to defer my studies and it controls my life so much now that I can't do the things that I want or work more than a few hours a day sometimes - I have to really push myself and I generally feel ****.

I believe it all started last year about March 2010 - I started to have problems sleeping going to bed feeling my heart was racing and unable to settle down.. I really really struggled with mental fatigue and unable to concentrate clearly. I noticed that my finger nails became blue-ish and I was beginning to be worried that I was diabetic however upon testing that was disproved. This progressed slowly right up to December 2010 when I begun to feel nausea in the mornings struggling to eat breakfast making it harder to get through my day.

This continued to progress and worsened greatly during times of stress - had university assignments (which was expected). I'm not the sort of person whom worries about things or abnormally stresses... I'm really easy going. From January onward I begun to feel nauseated all day, I was getting constant diarrhea and my abdomen was feeling really tight all the time - everything made me sick and I was throwing up maybe 3-5 times a week... As it progressed I went though a bit of a nasty relationship break up between February to late March (2011). On March 2nd I was admitted to hospital with extreme abdominal pain and vomiting... I went though many tests just like I had been having for the last 6 months and everything returned normal. I had an endoscopy - normal and a colonoscopy which discovered that I had multiple Polyp's (runs in the family) which was a lucky find because they were hyperplastic. I ended to be in hospital for 2 weeks and I lost about 10kgs which is a lot for someone whom was only 62kg before! I was feeling skinny and gross... I left without any prescriptions for management for my problems and I was worst of than before... I felt really frustrated and forgotten.

Currently I have only managed to get back on 8kg's and no where near the fitness I was before... I was still getting diarrhea and nausea right up to July... Until I changed doctors now I'm taking colofac, motilium and maxalon occasionally to manage my symptoms - However they don't appear to do much... I'm still struggling and it is controlling my life. In the past 2 months I have also been taking Tofranil for anxiety because my doctor thinks it might be that... It doesn't make any different it just helps make me constipated which is better than diarrhea because I don't get as thirsty for water... some days I was drinking 6-7 litres and still be thirsty... now i dont have to drink anywhere near that.

I have my good and bad days but the thing that I struggle with and bothers me the most is my sleep! I still get the racing heart rates and I feel like I never can relax! My heart feels like its in my throat, I sweat a lot... feel really hot all the time... Sometimes I wake up in hot sweats too. I'm so sick of feeling tired... I'm used to the nausea, I still get it everyday and I have to force myself to eat most of the time. I have tried eating different diets.. and no particular foods make be sick... and I never feel sicker after eating a meal if anything I feel better. At the moment I eat mostly gulten free and dairy free just because I'm used to eating those sort of foods now. One thing I have tried recently has trying to always stay full, which did help a lot for about 4 days but its so hard to keep that up, it feels like I can never eat enough! Things just go through me! When I was doing this I was beginning to feel relaxed sometimes... my heart rate dropped... and I really think that was because of the endorphin that are released upon eating meals but I found towards the end of these of this 4 day period it wasn't having the same effect and the heart rate increase again...

Recently I have started taking melatonin which as helped me get a little more restorative sleep but not much better. I have taken things like Temazapam but it only worked once and after that it only ever make be feel extra drowsy during the day and my heart rate was still high - its an really odd feeling having your heart racing and feeling really tired.

I really think my body is in overdrive... I haven't had a restorative sleep for a long time now... It feels like yesterday is and extension of today and the night of sleep feels like a really long night... You know how you go to sleep at night and wake up the morning which feels like a few minutes and you feel refreshed - I don't get that...

I have a cardiac monitor at home and I keep a track of my heart rate and it also detects arrhythmia. Most nights I'll be laying in bed after mediating and practicing good bed time routines and my heart is beating at 90-110 and sometimes its 80-120 constantly going up and down. Ill wake up in the morning and put the cardiac monitor on and I'll be still beating at 90-120..

for example - Last night I went to bed and it was 93 and I woke up in the morning feeling crappy and my heart was in my throat - it was beating at 122..

I have been getting centralised back pain for maybe 6months now and it comes and goes... But more recently I have begun to get stabbing chest pain when my heart it racing or sometimes on exertion.

I almost always feel better after I exercise which I try to do as much as possible but at the bare minimum 3 three times a week.

- I have seen a Cardiologist, 2 xGastroenterologist, psychologist with no results.
I have had a multitude of tests and I could not possibly list them all but please ask! :)

I hope someone can help me out! :)

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