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2 yr old with chronic diarrhea, loss of appetite, hyperactivity, easy bruising

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  • Posted By: AlishaHensley
  • July 1, 2009
  • 09:08 PM

I'll start off from the beginning. When Ava was born, I had an infection, Beta Strep, that they give you 2 doses of antibiotics for, before the baby is born. Well, Ava came too quickly and I only got one dose of the medicine, so she was born with this infection and had to stay a few extra days in the hospital. --this, of course is a normal thing, alot of women have it when they are pregnant, i just didnt get lucky to get both doses down me, before she was born.

At at month and half of age, Ava was hospitalized with RSV. Which, again, is common in kids. --she stayed in the hospital for about a week.

Seems like after she was released, is when everything just kind of took a turn. We were in and out of the doctors office, every week.. Ear infections (She ended up having, i believe 12, before they decided to put tubes in her ears), sinus infections, upper resp infection, UTI's, yeast infections. She has literally been on EVERY kind of antibiotic, possible.

Doctors kept saying, oh, this is normal, all kids get sick. But we were going so often. --and when you're a mother, you just KNOW when there is something going on with your child, mother's instinct.. I would have to say.

April of last year, she started having diarrhea.. going anywhere between 6-10 times a day. She was eating perfectly fine, actually eating alot at that point. Weight and Length has been average for her age.. She's always been kind of small, (petite) but nothing i've really worried about.

Finally got an appt with a GI specialist in Little Rock.. who we've been dealing with on this matter for almost 7 months now. Ran tests, normal stool tests.. nothing showed up.

Then in Jan of this year, she just stopped eating, very fatigued, irritable.. and she lost a few lbs, and had this HUGE mass on her chest, right underneath her breast, come up...

Took her in, got xrays, got 2 opinions, both said, they thought it was a tumor.. So, we took her to Children's Hospital ER.. and they did xrays, and come to find out, it was NOT a tumor, but yet a
A bifid rib or bifurcated rib. Which is a congenital abnormalitysternal end of the rib is cleaved into two. It is usually unilateral. occurring in about 1.2% of the population.

So, that was a relif. Thank GOODNESS, it wasn't a tumor. But that had NOTHING to do with her diarrhea.. so, we were still stuck with unanswered questions.

We changed her diet.. tried different things, took stool samples, had them sent off for tests, etc.

Then in the April, we went to LITTLE ROCK and she had an endoscopy and a colonoscopy (type) test done. They took biopsies and sent them off. Everything came back fine..

Now, we're still trying to find answers.

Everything is coming back normal..

We go back to have her checked from HEAD TO TOE next week.. and try for more stool samples and have more tests ran.

Ava, barely eats ANYTHING, tonight was the first time she's ate anything in days. She had a few french fries, which at this point, i dont care what she eats, as long as she eats something.

She's not losing weight.. but she's not gaining any, either. I feel like she's not really growing, like she should be.

I've spend numerous hours, researching.. trying to give the doctors SOMETHING, anything to go on.

The one thing, I found that really fit her symptoms, CELIAC disease, which can be controlled my diet.. is ruled out. it was tested when they did the test in April.

I'm just so worried and afraid, it's going to be something MAJOR..

But, with this GI doctor, Dr. Fuchs and his wonderful nurse, Pam, I finally feel like, someone is taking ME seriously with this problem. I finally feel like I have someone who is gonna HELP me find the answer to this.

I know something is wrong with my baby and I wont stop until I have the answer in my hand.

Looking at her.. seeing her.. you would NEVER think she was sick.

These are her symptoms...

If you or anyone, know anyone with these symptoms or related.. symptoms, please, let me know. At this point, I need something to go on.

Chronic Diarrhea (consistent for 13 months now)

Excessive Thirst (drinks 6-10 glasses a day) (water, juices, gatorade)

Easy Bruising

Decreased appetite (over the last 6 or so months) She is always hungry but when you fix her anything to eat, she may take ONE bite and be done. When and if i can get her to eat, she will eat Bananas and sometimes PB sandwiches.

Frequent infections (ear, sinus, upper resp., yeast, UTI's)


No weight gain

Hyperactive but yet has days where she is very fatigued

Strong, Fruity breath odor

Sleeps excessive (goes to bed at 8 and will sleep until 10 or 11 the next day)

Rapid heart rate at times

VERY Irritable/Mood swings

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  • Has she been evaluated for type I diabetes mellitus?
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  • I will not wait for your response before posting this. Your daughter's symptoms are very concerning for type I diabetes mellitus. I am hoping that your doctors have already tested her for this (with blood sugar tests). The "strong, fruity odor" on the breath in concerning for diabetic ketoacidosis. In case your daughter has not been tested for diabetes, I would recommend that you get her evaluated as soon as possible (diabetic ketoacidosis is considered a medical emergency).
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  • Hi I am sorry to hear that your daughter is so sick. I would ask your doctors to test her for cystic fibrosis because the chronic diarrhea and respiratory symptoms can fit that diagnosis. My daughter when she was a baby had chronic diarrhea, I mean changing diapers 5 times an hour and a very large appetite. She had her stool tested and nothing was showing up, until thank god one of her doctors suggested a sweat test and she was positive for cystic fibrosis. She was diagnosed at 1 year old and at that time she weighed 20lbs. A sweat test is painless and won't hurt your baby at all. I really hope she dosen't have it, but if she does the earlier you get a diagnosis the better. My daughter is now ten and very healthy considering she has cf. I hope this helps you because I remember the feeling of knowing something is wrong and you can't find out whats wrong. I wish you and your baby the best.
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  • Thanks for the suggestions. She has already been tested for diabetes. The doctor said that was already ruled out. I just emailed the doctor about the EHS and see what he thinks? If anyone comes across anything that fits the symptoms, please let me knows. I've spent countless hours researching and trying to find anything to go on. It's so frustrating, when all tests are coming back normal and they can't find anything to go on. We go to Little Rock, to the CHILDREN'S Hospital next week. They are gonna check her from HEAD to TOE.. AGAIN... So, maybe find some kind of answer. Thanks again.
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  • She also was diagnosed with having a BIFID rib, which they said was NO relation to her other symptoms. Does anyone know anything on this? I mean i've done research on it, but they dont have alot of research on it. Occurs in about 1% of the population. It already sticks out and looks very abnormal.. They said she will need cosmetic surgery later on in life.
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  • hm..i symphaty with u... be patient and keep ur spiritual.. just pray to God...
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