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2 years undiagnosed multiple system issue

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • May 7, 2007
  • 10:35 PM

6 months after a bad fall i had an operation on my lower spine. a disc was removed, spine fused, titanium rods inserted and a wallis prosthesis further up. after my op my back pain completely disappeared. a week later i went into severe opiate withdrawal, during which time an ambulance was called. ambulance staff treated me like a junkie and made me walk to the ambulance myself although i fainted 6 times with them just yelling at me to get up. spent ride to hospital on floor of ambulance sfter falling off stretcher. 6 weeks later after off opiates and first day of physio, i developed diahorrea about 6 times a day. also lower abdo pains on each side and broad abdo pain.i was also extremely fatigued and and extremely hot although no temperature.chronic nausea and loss of appetite was also present. this would disappear over the next few weeks, so i started physio again and the same thing happened. a year later i started passing totally undigested food every now and agin and the pains on the sides of abdomen travelled into my testicles. like they have been kicked. also started getting major chest pains which would keep me up at night and have times when i am driving when i almost pass out. i have also had digustin smells coming out the pores of my skin, sometimes smelling of faeces and sometimes of ammonia. a year since then the diahorrea has stopped but all other symptoms remain. i also now have a burning sensation on my chest which is sensitive to touch. i have times which may last up to two weeks where i feel totally normal and can do anything. but then go down hill again. it seems that it happens when i do physical exercise and then eventually disappears after a long period of rest. i have had an abdomen scan, a colonoscopy, a gastroscopy, a heart scan, many stool tests and blood tests and cultures. some kind of low level infection appears every now and again but not alarmingly high on the blood test results. i have had one case of campylobactor. my heart scan was within normal range but the person who did the test said it was definately on the extreme lower end of normal as if i had an infection. one polyp on the colonoscopy, no problem with gastroscopy. been tested for things like strep abs, hepatitis, etc. have had occasional breathing difficulties but nothing too alarming. my weight during this time has been like a yoyo. before my accident i was 68-70kg. i now range between 53-60kg. i can lose 7 kg in under a week and put it back on just as fast. i am feeling my way through our beleagured health system because there seems to be no interest or support. if anyone can help please email me at mark.kennard@clear.net.nz

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