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2+ years, all sorts of doctors, and still no answers

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  • Posted By: GrimReality
  • December 16, 2009
  • 04:42 PM

Hello group!
I have been reading some of the threads here and feel somewhat comforted in that I am not alone in my experiences. All we want is to know what is wrong and how to fix it.
I shall tell my story:
Almost three years ago, I started experiencing occasional chest pains. They were minor at first, so I just attributed them to exercise or other activities. After awhile it got to be quite bothersome and I ended up going to the hospital for it. They did some scans and tests and found nothing wrong with me. A few weeks later I saw my general Physician and he ordered some more tests. All negative. He mentioned something called Costochondritis. I looked it up, and it sounded like a term they use when they don't know whats wrong with you. He sent me to see a Cardiologist and a Rheumatologist. I was put through more tests, and was given prescriptions. None worked. In the meantime a year and a half had gone by and my pain seemed to be getting worse.
January 2009 showed up. I manage to get the stomach flu(first time in 17 years!). About a month later I start experiencing lower abdominal problems. Bloating, pain, etc. I go back to my Gen. Physician. He says it could be IBS(another catch all, if you ask me) They run some tests. Everything appears normal. My symptoms persist, so I am sent to a Gastroenterologist. He does more tests(scopes and all) and says everything looks normal. He sends me to see some fancy doctor out of Rush University in Chicago. He's actually a really cool doctor who listened to me. More tests. Pretty much all normal except I seem to have some bacterial overgrowth. Try two different anti-biotics to no avail. Puts me on Lyrica for the pain. Doesn't do much.
My symptoms continue to grow. I start to feel shaky and imbalanced. The pain has spread to all parts of my body.
Last week, I went and saw an ENT thinking the balance could be an ear issue. He put me on prednisone, which did help while I was taking it. Now I'm back to feeling like I could fall over any minute.
I am now scheduled to see another Rheumatologist. I'm going to ask about auto-immune diseases and such. Fibromyalgia has been tossed out, too.(another catch all)

All symptoms:
bloated/distended lower abdomen
off and on pain throughout my body
overall weakness and fatigue
shakiness/tremors in my body. very noticeable in fingers.
numbness and tingling in fingers on occasion
imbalance issues(just started last week) where I feel very unsteady and can fall over any second

I am only 35 years old. I am 6' and 150#'s. I used to be a very healthy, strong, man. I have a wife and a son who I feel really bad for, because I am unable to be who I want to be right now.
I just want to know what is wrong and how to fix it! Even if it's somewthing horrible, I just want to know.
This is ruining my life.
Any input would be appreciated. I've spent hours and hours on medical sites looking for answers.
Thank you

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