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2 and a half yr old diagnosed lactose intolerant

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  • Posted By: Nicola Marais
  • September 28, 2006
  • 09:49 AM

Good Day,

My daughter who is two and a half recently had her tonsils, adenoids removed and gromets put in her ears.

She as a result become very ill and was admitted into hospital for 5 days on antibiotics and suppositories for pain. She had blood test which confirmed she was dehydrated and she had an infection. Her temp was 39 degrees.

After leaving the hospital she developed a bad flu which she was given antibiotics for and stronger suppositories. She was in a great deal of pain from the tonsillectomy.

For at least 2 weeks she was on medication. She developed a serious diahorrea which we could not get under control with any type of medicine. Then the paediatrician told me she was Lactose Intolerant and that i should cut out all dairy etc for 6 weeks. The diahorrea persisted and then her bottom became raw and red and blistered.

They did stool and urine tests. The stool test came back that it was full of yeast. So they treated her with Diflucan for a thrush like symptom. She then started scratching her bottom continously. I phoned the paed and he prescribed worm tabs and some anti viral **m cream.

She is still no better. Her stools are still burning her bottom. She has 5 to 6 stools a day. We cant even bath her her bottom is so sore. It bleeds when we wipe it with cotton wool. I just don't no what else to do. I believe something else is wrong and my paed isn't telling me something. Can anaesthetic cause something like this to happen? Or all the medication on a tiny persons systom? Her stomach is bloated and always painful. She has cramps and cries sore about it. She still has the bad flu. It has been 3 months. DO you have any suggestions? I am desperate. Please help me.

Kind regards a desperate mum
Nicola Marais

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  • Test her for Celiac Disease. It is worth a shot, and many child are misdiagnosed lactose intolerant and actually have celiac disease. I went for years that way. Diarrehea is a symptom, so i would suggest a Celiac test. It is worth a shot.
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    • November 6, 2006
    • 09:42 PM
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  • Try taking her to a ped GI doc. It sound like she might be "intollerant" aka allergic to soy & milk. My kids had this.try cutting out everything and anything that has soy or milk in it. Read all labels--if it says lecithin or whey it has soy or milk.Make all meals from scratch. See if this might work. Hope this helps
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    • November 7, 2006
    • 01:15 AM
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  • No one mentioned probiotics! Seems obvious the extensive use of antibiotics killed off the "friendly" bacteria in her bowel. There are excellent probiotics available from health food stores.
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