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19yo with various symptoms..help!

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  • Posted By: talkispoison
  • March 6, 2008
  • 01:58 AM

Okay; so I'll give it to you fairly simple.
Here's my personal History.
-I've grown up my entire life constantly getting sick, I have the worst immune system possible, catching EVERYTHING.
-I've had 2 illnesses that were "inconclusive" and the doctors had NO idea what they were.
-I had lyme's disease when I was about 6.
-Most recently I've been in 2 car accidents resulting in a battery of tests to be run and discovering more information then I could imagine.
-I have 3 herniated discs in my lumbar spine(around L5? i think). Along with mild scoliosis, arthritis in my spine, a pinched nerve somwhere in my lower back/leg and a pinched nerve in my upper neck/shoulder (everything is right sided). These are all assumed from the car accidents which are understandable.

I don't know how any of these may relate but I'm going to tell you everything I experience some of which I know relate to my back problems.
-Migraines; severe sensitivity to sound and light
-floaters in my eyes
-right eyelid twitching
-My head will get really hot then everything will go white for a few seconds; rare but important.
-blurred vision
-Loss of feeling in rightside (from back of neck to feet)
-Often loss of color in rightside extremities
-Severe cramping in right foot (my toes curl and I can not move my foot without extreme pain)
-CONSTANT back/leg/arm pain & discomfort (all right sided)
-CONSTANT fatigue/tiredness; always feels like I haven't slept in days
-loss of appetite
-CONSTANT nausea/upset stomach
-vomitting (not daily;but frequent enough to mention)
-extreme thirst
-ringing in ears
-severe right sided abdominal pain (had an upper GI/endoscopy done resulting in showing some sort of ulcers in my stomach/irritation)
-mild acid reflux/heartburn
-Gallbladder issues (had a HIDA scan; first test results were 21% then was retested before they were going to take it out and mysterially fixed itself to like 80% or something)--This they tried to diagnose as NUMEROUS things such as ovarian cysts or appendicitis.
-irritability/mood swings (not related to PMS)
-high anxiety
-frequent sinus infections/sinusitis
-frequent URI/bronchitis.

(I'm sure there are more and if I think of them I'll edit/add on..I kind of lost track)

You name the type of doctors; i've seen them. You name the tests I've probably have had them done - same with mediciations; I've also suffered severe complications from drug interactions from this. I've had numerous hospital visits and everything has "checked out". I've also resulted in going to 2 different states for different opinions. Doctors often refer to me as a mystery or an "interesting case". They can't seem to single out one thing from the next and also have insisted on telling me that I could use a physch evaluation because they just don't seem to believe me anymore as all the tests show NOTHING. I've lost hope and now am in horrible debt with a massive amount of bills to pay.

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  • If it's not active Lyme, then another thing to investigate is Hashimoto's Encephalopathy, a rare complication of autoimmune thyroiditis. it's diagnosed by elevated thyroid antibodies even if hormones are okay...Most doctors have never heard of it so I suspect you haven't been tested for it yet...Another thing to look into might be celiac disease.Good Luck.I hope thye figure it out soon!
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  • Well I do not know exactly what is wrong with you, but I can relate. Its been over a year with no answers from any doctors. As each month increases I get more and more symptoms so I definitely understand the frustration of having so many unrelated symptoms with no answers. Its nice to know I am not alone because I feel that way every day of my life...
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