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19 yrs old please help!

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  • Posted By: brooklyn
  • June 9, 2009
  • 01:29 AM

I'm 19 years old, and have had good health all my life, with few episodes in the winter with bronchitis, but that always goes away. For the past month and a half though I have experienced a new illness. It all started when I was sitting in class and had two zaps or sharp pains in my head, needless to say i started freaking out. The zaps never occurred again, but over the next few days I started getting dizzy and also when I decided to walk I felt like i was going to faint. These symptoms lasted for 2 weeks, I went to the doctors two times in the next 2-3 got blood work done, everything came back fine. The dizziness seems to have been getting better, but then I started feeling tense on the back of my head and on my temples and head twitching with occasional eye twitching and leg and arm twitching. My eyes sometimes shift back and forth but no vision problems. I went to the ENT today and my ears had no fluid like I had in them a few weeks prior, and my hearing was fine as well. Please help i'm growing very tired of not being healthy for this long period of time.
Any ideas of what this may be?

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  • I think your problem may be caused by a metal. I think you have cadmium toxicity. Look it up on the web and see what you think. If you think so and can contact me I can help you get rid of it. It will take about 3 weeks and will be simple to do - no special diet. I am willing to talk to you if we can figure out how to do it.
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  • I tried searching the metal thing as you referred to and could not get a good idea of what that really is do you have a link to a site explaining it more clearly? Do you think it could be a neurological problem, maybe a tumor or something? Because of the head twitching and tense feeling on my head, i'm also having trouble sleeping.
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  • Hi Brooklyn: I googled cadmium poisoning and got a result. It says you cannot get it out of your body once you have it but that is not true. I have had some problems with cadmium too. From a book called Power vs Force I learned to calibrate levels of toxicity in bodies and I think yours is a level 17 - can't tell you specifically what that means but it is high. My level was 13 now down to 11 - still way too high, but on the way down. The good news is you do not have other metal toxins or parasites. Read up on it and let me know what you think.
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  • i have a cell phone but mostly text, there are no phone towers near the school or my house, and the zaps only occurred once in a month. There is fluorescent lights in the school, but i'm out of school now and was only in it for a week when this started, and it continued outside of school in my home where i have no fluorescent lights. My doctor has put me on valium for vertigo and it seems to have worked a little bit, i'm less dizzy than before but my fingers are still slightly numb and my head still twitches.
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  • speak to your doctor about the possibility of cluster headaches or a block in your sinuses.. could be a jumping off point at the least!
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  • The dizziness has stopped, but still having trouble sleeping and stinging short pains on top of head on left side, and some on back of head more on the right side. When I bend down or kneel down theres a lot of pressure on my right temple. But the lack of sleep is a problem, and the short pains that I have been feeling in my head, lasts about a second.
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  • I have new symptoms, although the dizziness has stopped I still have head twitching and a very tense feeling on the back of my head. When I lay down it feels like my head body and legs are having jitters or a jumpy feeling. Also when I walk my legs feel pretty weak and like they r jittery.
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  • Hey,I have the same thing, I have been to the ER, many doctors and I always get a clean bill of health. Do you have thoughts of dread, impending doom or a fear of dying when you experience the symptoms? Do you get anxious, maybe a rapidly beating heart?I have what is called panic disorder, it happens when your body is constantly on high stress and you can't shut it down. It can be caused by a prolonged stress situation, like getting ready for tests, can be caused by a traumatic event or just a build up over a lifetime. Get checked out medically first but if nothing is found you may want to talk to your doctor about GAD or Panic Attacks. Hang in there.
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  • Hi Brooklyn: I think you have a yeast overgrowth which could be producing these symptoms. Go to www.yeastconnection.com and read and answer the questionaire. Treat the questions as a history so if it was ever true mark how strong it was then rather than say "Well it was a long time ago. I was only 15 so I won't count it. Or say, well that is my bronchitis so I won't count it. Count everything. If this could be the problem contact me as I have more information, have helped hundreds of people heal from similar problems. Drs do not recognize this condition - except a few like Dr Crook who wrote many of the books about it. My daughter and I both suffered from this and we are both fine. Contact me at swrightman@telus.net.
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