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19 month old sick for 10 months now!

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  • Posted By: trishrutigliano
  • June 5, 2009
  • 06:48 PM

hi guys,
I need your help if anyone has any advise! My 19 month first started having problems at around 11 months when we started giving her solid foods and milk instead of formula. She has had dirreah, constipation, vomitting, etc for the past 10 months. They have done allergy testing to rule out milk allergies, etc. They have tried reflux and allergy meds. They have done xrays to verify that she is having constipation and have put her on miralax. For the past month she has been throwing up at least once a day and she has a very hard, bloated stomach by the end of each day then the next morning it starts out looking normal, but by the end of each day after she has eaten all day she looks almost pregnant and the rest of her body is very slim. They have done a sono and said she has a slightlly enlarged liver and has floating debris and crystals in her gallbladder. today they did an upper gi and it was normal. Monday we are going in for a dye test to look closer at her gallblader but I have never heard of a baby with gallbladder issues? She also has slightly elevated liver enzymes for the past 6 months but when they did the sono they did not find any lesions. They have done every blood test imaginable and the only thing that is coming up is the liver enzymes being elevated. She is not herself, she cries a lot, wants to be held, won't play or let you put her down, she just lays her head on your shoulder most of the time she is awake. I just hate seeing her like this. Sometimes she will throw up things that she ate 12 - 14 hours ago after she has slept then throw it up in the morning, very thick undigested looking. Any advise would be great! Thanks so much!

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  • does she have any signs of jaundice yellow eyes or nails,what does she exactly throw out, does it seems digested(like stools) or just the food she ate mixed with some juices.
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  • First, I feel for you. I had a baby with severe acid reflux and it was horrible. We went through doc and doc, but it was not until we went to Children's and finally got a solution. He had an upper GI but while on the table they did the lower and found some issues. The problem is the development of the sphincters on either end of the tract- the muscle is not developed enough. He is on 7.5 mg of dissolve tab prevacid in morning and at night. If he misses even one dose the vomiting starts and the amount of vomit increases. Then he had stomach pain, severe hiccups and vomits out his nose in his sleep. All along the docs said it would be better by the time he was 1, but it is not. We go in for follow ups and are told that the muscle will develop but each kids is different. Also he could not poop. He was so constipated and then began withholding his stool. Kind of sounds like your child may have the same thing- because he would get distended and bloated. He is on mira lax but initially until we got the bowel under control he needed daily pediatric glyerin suppositories. Because he intentiionally was withholding stool because he was used to it hurting he would ignore the impulses to go. Eventually pooping was not working. After retraining with the suppository he is regularly going. If he does not poop each day then before bath at nite he gets a suppository so he can be comfortable. There are many foods he is sensitive too and has a reaction too. Once we got the pooping working the vomiting was less.If you want to email any questions I would be happy to talk about it more.luci@stevesloan.comLuci
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  • Could it be possible the child has an auto-immune disorder?
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