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18 years old with chronic symptoms, no diagnosis... help

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  • Posted By: mikeg7103
  • June 24, 2008
  • 11:32 PM

I was diagnosed with anxiety disorder four years ago. For about two weeks now I have been experiencing these symptoms:
Sharp pain in head especially by the eyes
Pain in head when I move it
Tight neck
Red Blotches on my skin that come and go and itch
Blurred vision
Warmness in the legs and feet and hands
Occassional difficulty swallowing
Stiffness in my hands
shaking in the hands
Tightness in legs.

I went to the Er and they took blood work and it all came back fine. I went to a neurologist they performed a mri of the head and the neck and that came back fine.
I went to my primary doctor and she told me it is just anxiety and that the symptoms are all in my head. My father feels the same way and now I am taking adavan. Adavan is taking the edge off but the symptoms have not improved at all, I know that these symptoms are real but my family and my primary doctor are using my history of anxiety as the reason I am having these symptoms.
I am depressed because noone on my family besides my aunt is on my side, she is taking me to a rheumatologist and for a follow up with the neurologist.
Btw when my father took me to the ER and they wanted to perform a spinal tap he told them no because he felt all of these sypmtoms are in my mind.
Please write any suggestions or what my condition could possibly be.

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  • Could be anything, but for your age, let's weed out the really serious diseases. Think about food allergies, environmental toxins or from productsyou use or are exposed to; vitamin-mineral defficiencies (these are theprimary detoxifiers.) Stress generates cortisol which does you damage.Don't underestimate the power of your mind to make you well or sick.Society tries to force upon you it's own form of neurosis and no oneis untouched by it. You may never have the understanding or peaceto track down root causes until you move away from home. Peoplein their well-meaning kindness, often do you wrong, even have youcommitted. Just finding the right conditions where you can be yourselfcan be a challenge. No one will ever know how it feels to live inside your own body, so learnto trust your own instincts, thoughts and behaviours. You're anotherone of Life's experiments so observe the results/effects and make adjust-ments accordingly. No magic bullet, learning and practice take time,even years to master.Colon cleansing, herbal medicine, food-combining, nutrition & fasting; look into it.
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  • www.adhdrelief.com/CandidaTest.html Candida grows out of balance when the body because acidic for some reason, starting in the digestive tract. It VERY VERY common to have an imbalance in the 2000's (most of us have it - especially if we crave carbs, sugars, milk products) because of our acidic environment...chemical exposure, poor food quality, anti-biotics, medication, exposure to high tech, radiation,etc. - all things which suppress the immune system. If you're going through hormonal changes such as in your teens, it can make you more susceptible. If left untreated it changes to a fungus and creates "Leaky Gut sydrome" and that's when all the symptoms really start to appear - there are literally 100 symptoms including "diseases" themselves. Visual signs of it can be skin rash, acne or other skin problems, overweight (or underweight), white coating on tongue, yellowish toenail (you may be too young for that), circles under the eyes BUT, It's easy to get it back into balance so you may as well do it, and see what happens. It will help. You just need to want to do it - a specially directed diet for a month (which is easy to do) and a few basic cheap things you can get in most grocery stores. I wrote a detailed article on it if you'd like I'll email it to you. freehelp99@yahoo.com It outlines a full list of symptoms and what to do... also a lot of links to various info/sites. Karen
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  • they symptoms are not improving i continue to have sharp pains and pressure thorughout my head and my neck. when the pressure is by my eyes it gets blurred. my right hand is stiff and it hurts when i move it when i walk m legs will tight and sometimes i lose my balance. i went back to m neurologist for a mri of my brain but everything came out alright. i have a follow up with him next week i also have an appointmemnt with a rehumatologist in 2 weeks. i am just getting worse and i hope they can make a diagnosis soon.
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  • Hi Mike,ALL of the symptoms are candida - including the balance problem..That confirms it. This is VERY common for teenagers because of the hormone changes and coke/pizza diet that many have..(acne or pimples, dandruff etc are some symptoms typical for teenagers). This is from my article.. "The yeast produces more than 70 toxins, Over time the candida changes from a yeast form, to a fungus, which creates a waste called “mycotoxins”. An acidic by-product of the mycotoxins is acetaldehyde – a poison that is converted by the liver into alcohol. This is why some of the symptoms of candida simulate symptoms associated with intoxication from alcohol, such as “brain fog” poor co-ordination, and blurred vision." Email me for the article freehelp99@yahoo.com and at least starting this minute, avoid all forms of sugar (fruit, juices, cakes, alcohol etc.) and grains, and dairy products because they feed the yeast. In other words, your diet should be ONLY vegetables, salad, protein (beef, fish, chicken, turkey, eggs, sunflower seeds, nuts except peanuts,) You can eat as much as you want of those foods, but you'll find you're not hungry because cravings disappear. Drink only water for now (2 L/day is good) - there's a fantastic tasting tea by Yogi Tee called Aztec Spice, and this actually kills candida - a few mugs/day of that. You can get it in health food stores and some grocery stores. They probably won't be able to diagnose as it's too hard to test for. Do the "spit test".. not very scientific, but gives an accurate yes. First thing in the morning before drinking or eating anything, spit into a glass of lukewarm water. If the saliva floats after 15 min, it's showing ok.. If it starts to sink and appears a bit stringy, it's candida.Karen
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